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SEMU (South End Meet UP) CRAFT (Creative Recreational Artistic Foodie Technical) Wizards group is a chance for professionals, amateurs, patrons and anyone who is involved with or passionate about the Creative Economy ( (CE) in the in the Boston area, to talk shop and exchange stories, ideas and information. It is hard enough for professionals in other fields in this economy to ply their trade, but for the pros in CE, it is even more brutal out there. Why be alone? Why not be part of a gang.... or mob?

Formally known as the Creative Wizards Group, the point of this "re-branding" of this group, is to the finally establish it as a nice, little community of diverse professionals who engage the creative process from different angles and that can connect, communicate and maybe collaborate with each other. Whether you are an established person in the local art scene, someone trying to break in to the design industry, or a long time patron, sign on up and network with other like-minded people in the South End.

I am currently the organizer of this meetup, but I would like to have some other people step up to the plate, as I also run another meetup and therefore it is difficult for me by myself, to give help build this group to be what is capable of being. If anyone wants to help steer this ship into the right direction please contact me through Meetup.Com

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