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Senior Girlfriends is about finding friends and helping others find friends who will care for them unconditionally, without judgement. We work hard to make Senior Girlfriends (age 55+) a safe place which encourages women to step out and start to find like-minded women to spend time with. Senior Girlfriends will provide you with lots of opportunities to have fun, but in addition we will help you find quiet places to have relaxing, interesting conversation.

Having said that, I want to add that being part of a group of friends takes commitment, responsibility and respect. Senior Girlfriends is not a place to engage in foul language, as it can offend others. Senior Girlfriends is not a place to discuss politics or religion. There are other meetup groups that serve that purpose. Often, when discussing politics or religion we tend to isolate people who don't share our views. That is the opposite of our purpose. Senior Girlfriends is here to encourage and support women (age 55+) who are looking for friends. Because we want to establish a safe place for these relationships, except in rare specified events, "+ 1" means only other women 55 or older, and not men, as this is a women's organization.

If you want a group that supports you, and you are willing to help encourage other women, then Senior Girlfriends is the meetup group for you. Welcome.

Very important: Please remember that the hosts of these fun and interesting activities are making these activities available to you so you can enjoy the wonderful things our city has to offer. They don't get paid. All they ask is that you support them in their efforts by attending and trying not to cancel. Last minute cancellations and no-shows are not a part of friendship and respect, and cannot be allowed except in rare circumstances. Most importantly, why do we need a cancellation or no show policy?

Think of it this way, if you had made plans with your parents, sibling, or best friend to catch a movie, grab a bite to eat, or go shopping, would you then not show up or call? You probably wouldn't stand them up, you probably wouldn't be that inconsiderate...at least we hope you wouldn't! When a Girlfriend hosts an activity, she is making a commitment to you to be there. She is providing an opportunity for you to have fun. This is a community of friends. We all want to be with Girlfriends who are courteous, reliable and respectful. Some events fill up very quickly and often have waiting lists. It is simply not fair to those on the waiting list who would like to attend to lose a spot to someone who no-showed, or who cancelled with insufficient notice for others to make plans. Also, if your host expects you to attend an activity, quite often they wait for you to show up. In another case where the host makes reservations for a group of people, she needs an up to date exact count whenever possible to provide to the restaurant etc. If a certain number of ladies is needed to play a game, like Bunco, and they are counting on you to show up, your absence might affect the whole group of ladies who wanted to play. I'll bet you didn’t realize how important you are to Senior Girlfriends!

What is the attendance and cancellation policy of Senior Girlfriends? When your schedule changes you are expected to update your RSVP as soon as possible in order to make room for others. No-shows are not acceptable and cancelling less than 24 hours in advance without any explanation will be considered the same as a no-show in our attendance records. We understand that there are exceptions to this. Emergencies happen and that will always be taken into consideration.

•1st Last-Minute cancellation/no show: No problem, things come up, it happens.

•2nd Last-Minute cancellation/no show: We will check-in with you via email and remind you of our Last-Minute Cancellation Policy. We will also ask that you wait to sign up for an activity that you want to attend until the day of that activity when you know with more certainty that you can attend.

3rd Last-Minute cancellation/No show within a year's time frame -You will be removed for the group for a period of 30 days. After that you can apply for acceptance again.

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