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Launch results-driven campaigns 📣 with SEO Guarantee ✔️
Now you can launch results-driven marketing campaigns with SEO Guarantee. Are you going after it? 📊 To review: - Made videos for you, if you're a member of the SEO Kansas City Meetup group-- access free SEO Course, here: - Made an easy-to-follow SEO eCourse (with modules) for you, here: - You can skip the eCourse modules, and just skip to analyzing your site for free, here: Does anyone here need any help with getting your business website to come up higher in Google search results (SEO)? Launching effective SEO campaigns has always been difficult because search algorithms change all the time, and it’s been difficult to gauge the effectiveness for your campaigns with so many variables. At this event, you will understand how you can launch results-driven SEO campaigns to get guaranteed SEO results. Results-driven campaigns are simple to understand: it’s all about the results; not the fancy terms used to excuse oneself because of the lack of results. In search optimization, we believe the most important and most objective KPI in SEO is: the keyword positions in search engines results. For example, if you’re currently ranking #58 in search results for “keyword 1”, the there is no improvement in search results (eg. #58, again) for the next month, there is no change-- no results were delivered for this type of SEO Campaign! Though, if your ranking improved from ranking #58 in search results to position #17 (second page in search results), that is a positive result from your SEO Campaign! That’s what we’re talking about… What does it mean when you rank higher in search results? More business for you from search engines! SEO Guarantee has a negative connotation for SEO Professionals. Why? Because SEO Professionals don’t like being on-the-hook for something that they don’t control: And we can’t blame them. With all the updates to search engine algorithms, and all the contradictory information out there on the web, it can be difficult to guarantee results. After all, SEO Professionals are doing the best they can with the information they have available. But, for the business owner that wants improved ranking positions in search engines-- the SEO guarantee is of prime importance. After all, a marketing budget is being allocated to attract and convert prospective customers, and business owners want results. At this event, we can help you get those results. Take a look at our free SEO Course for this event: Using premium SEO software, we are able to diagnose eye-opening information on the backend of nearly any website. This kind of eye-opening stuff can help to inform a SEO Strategy that will deliver results when it is executed. To give you a better understanding for what we’re talking about, our SEO Experts in Kansas City have developed a free eCourse to help you better prepare for the event. Within the online course, you will be guided in creating your own SEO report for your website. Feel free to bring this report with you to the event, and we can analyze it to help you. See you at the event!

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