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ReadingSEO - Digital PR (Special Event)

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Hosted By
Matthew W. and Nicky E.
ReadingSEO - Digital PR (Special Event)


Join us at the 10th ReadingSEO on the 12th of March for this special Digital PR event! We're striving to work with other areas of the digital world to give everyone a more rounded understanding.



Doors open at 6:00
First talk: 7:00pm
Second talk: 7:25pm
Third talk: 8:00pm

Free food and drinks available (Alcoholic & Soft drinks / Veg & Vegan alternatives)

First Talk: Global Outreach: How to make your content travel

I'll be talking about how, with the team at Verve, we have created campaigns with an international reach for clients and what, we realised, works and what doesn't for outreach in different countries.

  1. How to create a campaign that will work across different markets?
  2. How to create a campaign that will travel by itself?
  3. How to adapt a campaign that struggles internationally?
    I will give ideation and outreach examples throughout

Laura D'amato
Outreach Team Lead (Verve Search)



Second Talk: Media Relations for Digital PR 101

Jasmine is a Digital PR Consultant at Aira and will be talking through her top tip on media relations in Digital PR. This will include finding relevant contacts to send campaigns to, how to build relationships with journalists using her traditional PR background as well as how to write a pitch that gets cut through in a saturated inbox.

Jasmine Granton
Digital PR Consultant (Aira)



Third Talk: Why digital PR doesn’t have to cost the earth

We see lots of award-winning SEO and digital PR campaigns that clearly have big budgets behind them for amazing interactive content or big social surveys. But for small-budget PR, there’s often small things a business can do to start landing relevant links.

Fran will demonstrate some examples of link-building tactics that don’t cost the earth, drawing on both her digital and traditional PR experience.

Fran Griffin
Digital PR Manager (Digitaloft)



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ReadingSEO Meetup - Reading, Berkshire
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20 Tudor Road · Reading