What we're about

This is a group for people that are SERIOUS about backpacking. SERIOUS backpacking in SERIOUS places with SERIOUS time for it. 3 and 4 day trips in the Adirondacks and at least ONE annual trip (at least 8 days) to a SERIOUS wilderness in North America. PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP if you can rarely get the time, if you can rarely make a long weekend...if you are just not that SERIOUS about backpacking when push comes to shove. I'm NOT interested in very local places, and I'm NOT interested in LONG drives to FAR AWAY places to backpack MANY MILES for two days and then turn around and drive back home again. (I'm really not a bad guy! I'm actually a good guy! But I want to be VERY SPECIFIC about what I am hoping to do and who I am hoping to attract to this group!)

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