Going from Hadoop to Spark: A Case Study


Sujee Maniyam, Co-Founder, Elephant Scale


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Event Details

Spark is an up-and-coming distributed computing platform in Big Data and it has a lot of momentum going for it. The venerable platform for Big Data is Apache Hadoop -- deployed widely and can scale to Petabyte data sizes. So can the new-comer Spark be a viable replacement for Hadoop? Should you skip Hadoop and go to Spark?

In this talk, I will walk you through a case study of moving from Hadoop to Spark. We will compare Hadoop and Spark side by side and highlight their strong points and advantages. And I will present a balanced assessment on which platform might be better for particular needs.

Speaker Bio

Sujee Maniyam is a hands-on expert and instructor in Big Data technologies (Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud). Sujee has authored and contributed to open source projects. He is an author of 'Hadoop illuminated' (an open-source book on Hadoop) and 'HBase Design Patterns'.

Sujee is a founder and principal at Elephant Scale that specializes in consulting and training around Big Data technologies. Sujee's work can be found @ http://sujee.net (http://sujee.net/)


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