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THE ALIGNMENT PROBLEM by Brian Christian, Bestselling Author; Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley.

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With the incredible growth of machine learning over recent years, it has come an increasing concern about whether ML systems' objectives truly capture their human designers' intent: the so-called "alignment problem." Over the last five years, these questions of both ethics and safety have moved from the margins of the field to become arguably its most central concerns. The result is something of a movement: a vibrant, multifaceted, interdisciplinary effort to address the alignment problem head-on, which is producing some of the most exciting research happening today. Brian Christian, author of the acclaimed bestsellers The Most Human Human and Algorithms to Live By, will survey this landscape of recent progress and the frontier of open questions that remain.

Speaker Bio

Brian Christian is the author of The Most Human Human, which was named a Wall Street Journal bestseller, a New York Times Editors’ Choice, and a New Yorker favorite book of the year. He is the author, with Tom Griffiths, of Algorithms to Live By, a #1 Audible bestseller, Amazon best science book of the year and MIT Technology Review best book of the year.

His third book, The Alignment Problem, has just been published in the US and is forthcoming in the UK and in translation in 2021.