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A Security Audit Framework for Security Management in the Enterprise

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S R V. and Alok T.
A Security Audit Framework for Security Management in the Enterprise


Multiple domains/boundaries, cloud services, several geographies, requirements, efficient audits

-by Dr. Cyril Onwubiko, Director – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cyber Security, Research Series Ltd. (London)

Organized by IEEE-SVCS, Regstration

About this event
The talk will explain the difficulty in conducting security audits in organizations, specifically enterprises whose services and networks span multiple domains/boundaries, use cloud and on-premises services, and are hosted across several geographies. This will include using our proposed conceptual security audit framework to show how organizations can conduct appropriate security audits. Further, it will provide insights to the essential requirements necessary for efficient security audits, and including types of security audits, things to consider before conducting a security audit, general guidelines in performing security audits, and audit trail analysis. This talk should be suitable to both business executives and technical audiences, including CEOs, CISOs, Administrators, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Architecture stakeholders.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Cyril Onwubiko is Director, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cyber Security at Research Series Limited, where he directs strategy and governance in AI, Blockchain & Cyber Security. Prior to Research Series, he had worked in the Financial Services, Telecommunication, Health, Government and Public Services Sectors. He is a leading scholar in Cyber Situational Awareness (CyberSA), Cyber Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Fusion, and Cyber Security Operations Centres (SOCs); and vastly knowledgeable in Information Assurance, HMG Security Policy Framework and Risk Assessment & Management. His work in AI, especially Machine Learning for Cyber Security, demonstrates an ability to converge multiple applications of AI across business units (in many domains e.g. NLP, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science etc.), and applying these models to solve real world problems. He holds a PhD in Computer Network Security from Kingston University, London, UK; MSc in Internet Engineering, and BSc, first class honours, in Computer Science & Mathematics. His research interests are in the areas of Cyber Security, Situational Awareness, Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Security Operations Centre, Blockchain & AI.
He has authored several books including Security Framework for Attack Detection in Computer Networks and Concepts in Numerical Methods. He co-edited the book on Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense: Principles, Methods & Applications. He is the editor of the Cyber Science series, and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness.. Cyril has authored several book chapters and has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals and conferences. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, currently, the Secretary, IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland.

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