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What we’re about

Hi All!
Our group is about voice acting, and all aspects associated with it. 
This group is made to be a free alternative to voice acting training, networking, social and support. We learn as we go, and train others so they can better follow their passions without busting the bank. 
We do our Meetups in groups large and small, primarily through video conferencing (Google hangouts, i.e. ). The standard time is 5-7pm PT Alternating Sundays and Saturdays, Bi-Weekly (i.e. 2 times a month). We also many times just do chit-chat and social for an hour or so afterward.

Activities will range from anything to reading scripts, character creation, tips on using software and mics, learning business skills, and just learning about our greater community of voice actors of all levels.  

We also have a channel on Discord! If you want any quick chatting, check us out!