What we're about

Our mission is to host events that allow open-minded individuals to explore and discuss topics within and related to behavioral science. Events will be centered around books, one-off topics of interest, scientific papers and also relevant movies, activities and current events. We would also like to explore how we can implement our learnings in our personal and professional lives.

Topics, inspired by our members, will include (but are not limited to):

• Psychology

• Behavioral economics

• Science, technology and design

• Current events, politics and economics

• Education, personal development and health

These discussions provide a powerful platform for participants to share and process knowledge, ideas, and diverse perspectives. It is our conviction that these discussions can transform into deeper, more considerate understandings that can inform decisions and actions on a personal level and for the benefit of society. All are welcome to participate, interact, network, and learn from others at our events.

Past events (30)

Book Club: The Upside of Irrationality - Part 2

San Francisco Public Library

Book Club: The Upside of Irrationality - Part 1

Philz Coffee

Book & Discussion: Nudge by Thaler & Sunstein

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