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The SF Big Analytics meetup focuses on all aspects of the big data analytics, from data ETL, feature generation, AI/machine learning theory, algorithm and implementation to technologies and infrastructures associated with big data analytics. Topics include AI/Machine Learning (Algorithm & ML Infrastructure), data processing and monitoring, data Infrastructure, data visualization, data science lifecycle etc. This meetup covers the full range of the big data analytics topics and data mining pipelines.

We try to provide high quality talks for each meetup, here are some of the policies related to talks we have been following in last few years

-- Technical focused

-- No marketing

-- No product promotion (unless it is open sourced project)

-- No high level business talks (unless it is from highly respected leaders)

Upcoming events (2)

Iceberg for data engineers

Online event

We are very excited to have invited the Ryan Blue, creator of Apache Iceberg to discuss the Apache Iceberg. Ryan has draw a lot of experience from his work at Netflix and open source community and will showcase the cool features of Apache Iceberg.

This is an online event, please registered at https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2021102717

5 pm -- 5:05 pm PDT pm Member online
5:05 pm -- 5:50 pm PDT Talk + QA
6:50 -- 6 pm PDT closing

Abstract: This talk is an overview of Iceberg for data engineers, starting with what problems Iceberg solves and how to get set up, and then highlighting how to use some of the most useful features, like time travel, advanced filtering, and deletes.

Bio: Ryan is the co-creator of Apache Iceberg and spent the last decade working on big data formats and infrastructure at Netflix, Cloudera, and now Tabular. He is an ASF member and committer on Apache Parquet, Avro, and Spark.

Semantic Search and Neural Information Retrieval

Online event

Please register at

12 - 12:05 pm PDT -- member joining the event
12:05 pm -- 12:50 pm -- Talk + QA
12:50 pm -- 1 pm closing

Title: Semantic Search and Neural Information Retrieval

Description: In 2017, the introduction of transformers into feed-forward neural networks enabled computers to achieve human-level performance on a range of language tasks. In this talk, we'll describe some of the theory behind these systems, and explain how it can be applied to search and information retrieval problems.

Speaker : Amin Ahmad (ZIR AI)

Amin Ahmad is cofounder and CEO of ZIR AI, which provides a cloud platform for semantic search. Previously he led development of neural retrieval systems at Google Research, and successfully deployed them into some of Google's largest products and divisions, including Videos, Support, News, and Cloud.

Background info on the subject:

· Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence (nytimes) and Understanding searches better than ever before (Pandu Nayak, head of search at Google), provide a flavor of the breakthroughs achieved in NLP after 2017.

· Build Semantic Search into Your Apps, though it's a marketing video from Microsoft, Pablo Castro does a good job of providing a technical overview.

· The High Cost of Keyword Search, illustrates some of the shortcomings of keyword search that can be addressed with semantic search.

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