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Our political system is at a crossroads. Our two parties are producing zero results for the American people, as they are more focused on running to the extremes to win elections than coming to center to solve problems. The political pendulum swings back and forth, but very little is getting done. It’s time to change the equation.

Unite America aims to reshape and reform our political system – not as a traditional third party, but as America’s first Unparty. We are a 21st Century political organization dedicated to organizing independent voters and supporting independent candidates who desire to put our country ahead of any political faction in order to solve problems.

We are organizing a grassroots movement of Americans –– Democrats, Republicans, and independents –– who feel left behind by both parties and who want our leaders to work together to get things done. Through our Unite America Chapters and Membership Program, we are giving a voice to the silent majority.

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Election Roundup and the Road to 2020

Bar 333 & Bistro

Unite America - SF Chapter meet up

Glen Park Branch Library

Unite America (Centrist Project) SF Chapter meet up

Chinatown/Him Lai Branch Library

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