Friends of SFCDEVS: The first ever Grincon U.S.


Join us for the first ever U.S. Grin conference!

Grin is an implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol. Grin utilizes proven cryptography combined with state-of-the-art advances in privacy and scalability. It’s one of the few community-driven, open-source blockchains with no ICO, no pre-mine, and no founder’s reward.

At this first ever U.S. Grin Conference, you’ll witness Grin’s growing ecosystem. You’ll meet the developers, cryptographers, and people behind the project. You’ll also get first glimpses of what entrepreneurs are building on Grin.

Grin relies on the community for funding. Many people have donated their time and expertise. Your participation and support helps grow the effort. Proceeds from this conference will be donated to the Grin Project.

Please see the conference website for the current agenda and speakers:

Registration is here:

* Andrew Poelstra,
* Alyse Killeen,
* Arianna Simpson,
* Benedikt Bünz,
* Catheryne Nicholson,
* Chris Shepherd,
* Daniel Lehnberg,
* Ignotus Peverell,
* Ivy Evans,
* John Tromp,
* Lily Liu,
* Michael Cordner,
* Quentin Le Sceller, T
* Taariq Lewis (More coming!)

Session Topics (DRAFT)
* Intro to Grin for the Layperson
* Grin Value Proposition & Governance
* Grin’s Cryptography
* Privacy & Scalability
* How to Mine for Grin
* Grin Roadmap
* Investing in Grin
* Building on Grin