What we're about

Greetings, Engineers and Friends of SF

The goal of this group is to create opportunities for engineers to apply their skills and knowledge to civic and cultural needs. We aim to cultivate connections between engineers and the broader San Francisco community-- educators, nonprofit orgs, after-school programs, and neighborhoods. Our events will include:

hands-on hardware mentoring.
building solutions for non-profit organizations.
collaborating on art and music projects for fun.


Develop community WiFi infrastructure in underserved neighborhoods.
Assist nonprofit technical education programs.
Mentor disadvantaged young people in electronics, programming, hardware, software.
Design DIY engineering projects that address real socioeconomic and health problems, such as DIY toxicity detectors or DIY solar collectors.

Our activities will give you a chance to:

Apply your skills to non-corporate activities.
Learn about engineering challenges faced by city planners.
Build trust between neighborhoods and high-tech residents.
Discover the civic engineering history of SF.

Join us!

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