What we're about

We are a San Francisco-based book club and social group for intersectional feminists who want to connect over and discuss readings about feminism. We will meet monthly to discuss a selected non-fiction book, and may have additional meetups when people are interested. Readings will be selected by the group through suggestions and polls, and may cover a wide range of topics with an emphasis on third-wave, intersectional feminism.

This group is open to people of all genders and with all levels of experience with feminism. Here are the core principles of our feminism. If you disagree with these principles, consider that this group might not be for you.

- Feminism must include and center: women of color, queer & trans women, working-class women and lesbian women.

- Most (if not all) gender-associated differences are socialized, not biological.

- Women have the right to choose how they dress, who they have sex with, whether they have kids, etc.


General Guidelines

- The discussion meetups will fill up. If you realize you won't be able to make it please update your RSVP right away so someone from the waitlist can take your spot.

- The space will be open for 30 minutes before event start time. You are welcome to come early to socialize. Please try to arrive *before* the discussion start time so we can begin promptly and discuss the reading with minimal interruptions.

- You are encouraged to express disagreement and debate the topics. Be respectful of others and recognize that they may not have as much experience with the academic side of feminism as you do.

- It is best if you complete the entire reading in time for the discussion. If you only get through part of the reading, please do still come and discuss the part you read! However, if you don't get a chance to start the reading, it is best not to attend the discussion.

- You are welcome to bring your children with you. There are arts & crafts supplies and books in the space that kids may use freely, or they can join the discussion circle.

- You are welcome to bring food or drinks for yourself or to share with others. It is not expected that you bring anything. Meetings will typically include tea and light snacks.

Accessibility Note: The building we meet at is fully ADA compliant. There is a large elevator to get to the space and there is an accessible bathroom inside.


Guidelines for Men (borrowed and adapted from Seattle Feminist Book Club (http://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Feminist-Book-Club/))

Feminist Book Club is a space where men can learn and be challenged, but women are the center and the priority of this group. Men who aren’t into that are welcome to join any of the zillions of meetup groups where their privilege will go unquestioned. Here are our guidelines/expectations for men:

1. This is an explicitly feminist group. We are not here to debate the validity of feminism or the existence of patriarchy.

2. If you feel a burning itch to ask “what about the men??” in our discussions please DO NOT scratch that itch. Patriarchy is allll about the men, so you should be able to handle a two-hour conversation in which you are not the centerpoint.

3. Do not come to book club to stretch your “intellectual debate” muscles. Patriarchy isn’t an abstract concept or philosophical quandary, it’s our daily experience.

4. Come to listen. Men are not the experts on women’s experiences. You might learn something interesting if you listen more than you speak.

5. Do not interrupt women.

6. Do not come here to meet women (romantically).

7. Do not accuse us of hating men or being too critical of men.

If you don't like these rules, don't come. We won't tolerate any bullshit.

Upcoming events (2)

February: Betraying Big Brother by Leta Hong Fincher

Needs a location

1:45pm - Snacks & social time! 2:00pm - Book discussion starts. Please arrive before 2pm so you don't interrupt the discussion. Join us to discuss Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China by Leta Hong Fincher. From Goodreads: "On the eve of International Women’s Day in 2015, the Chinese government arrested five feminist activists and jailed them for 37 days. The Feminist Five became a global cause célèbre, with Hillary Clinton speaking out on their behalf, and activists inundating social media with #FreetheFive messages. But the Feminist Five are only symbols of a much larger feminist movement of civil rights lawyers, labor activists, performance artists and online warriors that is prompting an unprecedented awakening among China’s urban, educated women. In Betraying Big Brother, journalist and scholar Leta Hong Fincher argues that the popular, broad-based movement poses the greatest threat to China’s authoritarian regime today. Through interviews with the Feminist Five and other leading Chinese activists, Hong Fincher illuminates both the challenges they face and their “joy of betraying Big Brother,” as Wei Tingting—one of the Feminist Five—wrote of the defiance she felt during her detention. Tracing the rise of a new feminist consciousness through online campaigns resembling #MeToo, and describing how the Communist regime has suppressed the history of its own feminist struggles, Betraying Big Brother is a story of how the movement against patriarchy could reconfigure China and the world." Facilitator: Dash

March: Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology

Double Union - Feminist Hacker + Maker Space

1:45pm - Snacks & social time! 2:00pm - Book discussion starts. Please arrive before 2pm so you don't interrupt the discussion. Join us to discuss Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology by Deirdre Cooper Owens. From Goodreads: "In Medical Bondage, Cooper Owens examines a wide range of scientific literature and less formal communications in which gynecologists created and disseminated medical fictions about their patients, such as their belief that black enslaved women could withstand pain better than white "ladies." Even as they were advancing medicine, these doctors were legitimizing, for decades to come, groundless theories related to whiteness and blackness, men and women, and the inferiority of other races or nationalities." https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34689315-medical-bondage https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt1pwt69x Facilitator: Liz

Past events (32)

January: Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister

Double Union - Feminist Hacker + Maker Space

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