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PLEASE READ. If you think this is just another meetup about Fintech/Bitcoin/Blockchain, think again. The fact that it's about "tech" and "money" should not be a sole reason to join. Please answer all the profile answers thoughtfully -- it is a good exercise to determine the group fit.

We are software developers programming blockchain, financial services, and disrupting it all with distributed systems constructed through thoughtful software engineering. We believe that knowing how to implement these technologies is essential to talk about them. We predict the future by building it and trying out the alternatives.

We explicitly discourage non-technical lurkers such as recruiters or futuristic entrepreneurs without a solid grasp of technology, looking for someone to take their vague ideas and build them a company. We have plenty of engineers who can implement their own vague ideas together, and get funding doing it, and hire a CEO on a contract. Just so you know where we stand. A full-stack CEO can also answer the phones, manage marketing, do bizdev and man the reception. Meanwhile, research engineers need to focus on critical high-quality software.

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Scale By the Bay 2021

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Scale By the Bay 2018

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Rethink Trust -- Amsterdam, June 29

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