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[joint with] Bitcoin in Scala

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This is a joint meetup with SF Scala (

Scale By the Bay ( will add a deep dive into Bitcoin Functional Programming.

Following the ( held at Stanford, 11/4-5, gathering the world's best developers on the first, longest, most highly capitalized blockchain in history, we're fortunate to present the top Scala teams implementing Bitcoin in Scala.

Bitcoin-s ( is an implementation of the bitcoin protocol. In this talk I will demonstrate what various data structures are of the bitcoin protocol. I will show how I've leveraged scalacheck to thoroughly test this code base. Next I will demonstrate how algebraic data types can be used to represent bitcoin's standardized contract types. Finally I will demonstrate how to use bitcoind via the bitcoin-s-rpc-client package to show direct interaction with the bitcoin peer to peer network.

Chris is the founder of SuredBits -- a cryptocurrency company. Chris has been doing cryptocurrency development since 2014. He is the primary author of bitcoin-s -- an implementation of the bitcoin protocol in Scala. He also is a contributor to bitcoin core -- the reference implementation of bitcoin. Chris is an active contributor to cryptocurrency protocol research along with implementation of that research.