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Exploring the Unknown Reality
We will discuss a chapter from "The Unknown Reality Vol. 1" and practice exercises related to our dreams and exploring the multi-dimensional aspects of the self, probables, counterparts, etc.. in our waking and sleeping realities. We ask those interested in participating to have an understanding of the ideas and concepts in Seth's first two books Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality .

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What we're about

Join long-time and new Seth readers to:

• Explore the nature of personal reality

• Learn to manifest your ideal life

• Grow with like-minded Seth readers

Like Seth, our meetings are informal, expansive, and practical. We've been meeting for 4 years (every other Thursday at 6:30 PM).

Who is Seth? Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through the author Jane Roberts while she was in trance and coined the phrase "You Create Your Own Reality". His ideas were foundational to the New Age movement and influenced such teachers as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer. "Seth" books have sold over 7 million copies and have been translated into 11 different languages. Good books to start with if you are new to the Seth Material are "Seth Speaks" and the "Nature of Personal Reality".

We look forward to seeing you at the next event. For any questions, send me an email at

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