What we're about

Let's pick a book, read it, get together for some hearty UX discussions.

Usually, we read the whole book unless it's really long and then we just do specific chapters. Even if you didn't finish the book, please join us anyway. The most important thing is to contribute to the discussion. If you want to talk about the topic and haven't read the book, feel free to come and join us for a good chat!

The meetup is structured in the format:

• 15 min intros
• 45 min discussion of the book
• 30 - 45 min activity related to book/author talk
• 10 - 20 min discussion about the activity
• 5 min announcements and wrap up

You can see what we have read in the past as well. (https://www.meetup.com/SF-UX-Book-Club/pages/20922829/List_of_Books_Read_by_the_Group/)

If 4 or fewer people RSVP for the month's meet-up, we reserve the right to cancel the specific meetup.

I like to keep this group cohesive and active. I don't care about member count. If you join and don't participate for a year or more, you will be removed from the group. No hard feelings.

Why read? (https://medium.com/ux-power-tools/designers-should-read-dfcb8f1c2883)

Upcoming events (1)

Let's Read the Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

Agenda 6:00-6:15 Welcome & intros 6:15-7:00 Book discussion 7:00-7:30 Activity 7:30-7:50 Share 7:50-8:00 Wrap up https://www.amazon.com/Design-Everyday-Things-Revised-Expanded-ebook/dp/B00E257T6C/ There will be drinks and snacks.

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Let's Read Conversational Design by Erika Hall



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