• Monthly Video Meetup: June

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    πŸŒŽπŸ“Ή This meetup is online.... but next month *might not be*! 😳🀞

    I can't believe I just wrote those words up above. Yes, this month will be online, but I'm going to finish writing this description and head into the office for the 3rd time this week. Other humans will be there in person. It's amazing. I can't *wait* to see this group in person again, and I think July might just be the one!

    𝙓 Demuxed update: October 5-7

    Speaking of things that are going to have an in-person component, Demuxed!! The CFP is open (https://2021.demuxed.com) and you should all go submit those amazing talks you've been considering. We'll be accepting some remote talks as well, so if you're worried about travel, don't let that stop you from submitting. You've got until mid-July to submit, so don't dilly dally if you want any feedback. ✌️

    πŸ—£ This month's speakers

    🎀 Zoe Liu (Co-Founder, Visionular) - "BVQA Based Automatic Video Categorization and Enhancement for Intelligent Video Transcoding"

    In this talk, we will mainly discuss the use of adaptive processing and automatic categorization for UGC (User Generated Content) transcoding on the cloud. We will first have a deep dive into the Blind Video Quality Assessment (BVQA) field, including an overview of the state-of-the-art methodologies as well as the according evaluation criteria justifying the performance of various BVQA approaches. We then focus on the video quality evaluation, as opposed to image quality evaluation, especially introducing the temporal memory effects unique to videos. We will present our results on how to leverage BVQA to implement automatic video categorization. Lastly we will discuss and present the results of applying video enhancement to those videos categorized as medium level quality, neither good nor poor, before they are fed into the transcoding module. By conducting such a BVQA guided procedure, we may greatly improve the user side Quality of Experiences (QoE) while maintaining reasonable transcoding side computational complexity.

    🎀 Matt McClure (Chief Dork of Demuxed and DevEx guy at Mux) - "Those CSS sprites we used back in the early aughts can work with video too"
    This is a lightning talk I did at a JS conference that I thought this crew might find interesting too. It's a pretty simple idea: what if we just used sprite methods with web video? Note: Q&A for this one is gonna get weird if it's just me asking myself questions.

  • SF Video May: CO-Video 2021 (Global Video Tech Meetup #2)

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    🌎 Global Video Tech Meetup Part Deux! 🌍

    Jordi Cenzano (Facebook) - "Live distributed encoding proof of concept based on AWS Lambdas"

    Derek Buitenhuis (Vimeo) - "Colorspaces: Useful For More Than Color?"

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    🌐 We're still living that Brady Bunch Life (meetup's online again) πŸ’»

    It's April, so somehow we're already over 1/4 of the way through 2021. How did this happen. Hope everyone is safe and at least part way to vaccinated! Tonight we're going to be trying out a new streaming platform that should hopefully improve the Q&A experience and be fewer things for me personally to mess up. OBS and I aren't friends anymore and I'm hanging up the dream of becoming a professional Twitch streamer celebrity.

    A tiny bit of housekeeping stuff before we get to the speaker for this month:

    𝙓 Demuxed 2021: Week of October 4th.
    We're still in a bit of a waiting game to see just what this is going to look like in terms of an in-person event. We're hopeful we can see people IRL, but regardless we're planning on making this a very intentionally hybrid event and still target times that would make it accessible to international viewers. We'll be making "official" announcements soon, but you (probably) heard it here first. :)

    🌎 Mega Meetup: next month! 5/27
    Next month is the mega meetup! Meetups around the world will do their meetups all on the same day next month, creating a 24 hour mega meetup. If you're interested in speaking, either at SF Video or another meetup, reach out!

    πŸ—£ Speaker
    🎀 Jordi Cenzano - Build your own low latency live platform
    How to easily build your own live streaming low latency platform based on open source projects. The total latency (with a regular player!) that we'll demo is ~2s in the final demo.

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    πŸŽ‰πŸŒŽ This meetup is, and you might want to sit down for this, online only! πŸ’»πŸŒ

    πŸ—£ Speakers
    🎀 Leonard Bogdonoff (milk.video) - "Create videos programmatically with React, and without FFMPEG"
    Explaining how to expressively create videos by leveraging the screen share API and WebRTC. Reviewing a stack of tools used to turn web pages into video content.

    πŸ‘₯ Streamline Squad - Join a bunch of Streamliners to talk about Streamline, the Demuxed 2020 adventure and just a general project update! Colleen Henry, Caitlin O'Callaghan, Jade AngrboΓ°a, Kev Lambert, Alex Lindsay, and Tracey Jaquith will be your panel. Hilarity will ensue. Or something.

  • Monthly Video Meetup: February

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    🌎 One day we won't have to be online-only, but that day is not this one 🌐

    In case you're wondering, February is the scariest month for a monthly meetup organizer. That and months where the last Thursday somehow ends up being the 25th. Thank the good lord for this community being full of people doing amazing things they're willing and able to talk about.

    πŸ—£ February Speakers!

    🎀 Sam Bhattacharyya - "Real-time AI upscaling in the browser"
    We built a Javascript library which uses Super resolution to upscale & enhance video content in real-time in the browser (even on mobile!). We'll explain how it works, show some demos, give some performance numbers and discuss caveats/tradeoffs. Would love to get feedback!

    🎀 David Barr - "The need for speed with Rust in rav1e"
    How we solved a long-standing performance issue with precise RDO: a story of profiling, wrestling with the Rust compiler and occasionally being assisted by it. Spoiler: over 30% faster in some cases.

    πŸ‘‹ Looking for March speakers!
    You should consider speaking next month! Shoot me me an email (matt at demuxed.com), or ping me on Video Dev slack (@mmcc), or find me on Twitter (@matt_mcclure, @sfvidtech). You don't even need to have a fully-formed idea, we'll figure that out later :)

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    1️⃣ January Meetup! You guessed it, still on the Internet. 🌐

    Thank goodness 2020 is over and past us, huh? I, for one, am glad that the news will no longer be full of doom and gloom and craziness. This year can't possibly feel long after just 2 weeks...right? RIGHT!?

    Well the one overwhelmingly positive thing is that the SF Video drought is over, and we'll be back in our monthly swing of "seeing" each other. Hopefully in 2021 that will also include literally seeing each other, but until then we've at least got chat + video.

    Speaking of real-time video...

    πŸ—£ Speakers

    πŸŽ™Sean DuBois (Pion) - "I know X, what does WebRTC get me?"
    You already have working infrastructure. You know the ins and outs of your video protocol. Everything is working, but you feel like things could work even better. If so, this talk is for you! This talk explores all the things WebRTC could unlock for you. There could be solutions for problems you didn't even realize were fixable!

    πŸŽ™ Phil Cluff (Mux) - "Traversing the First Mile is Harder than Traversing the Last Mile"
    Obviously given the whole timezone thing Phil won't be giving this talk live, but he's already given me a custom SF Video edition of this to play for the SF crowd ;)

  • Monthly (GLOBAL) Video Meetup

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    This month is something a little different... It's a 24 hour live stream from around the world. *17* different cities are going to be represented. Holy smokes! SF's time slot is 7pm, so basically the usual time, usual place, but you can tune in any time for basically 24 hours before for other great content from around the world!

    The whole thing is streamed on the Demuxed Twitch (https://twitch.tv/demuxed)

    𝙓 Demuxed

    The committee convenes this weekend for final talk selection! If you want a swag box and haven't gotten your ticket yet, you _really_ should...we need to finalize that shipment at the very beginning of October to make sure the boxes are all ready in time.

    πŸŽ™ Speakers
    We're going to stream some golden oldies from SF Video meetup as well, but our guest of honor tomorrow is actually not in SF, but...we live in the internet! Who really lives anywhere anymore when we can only see each other online?!

    πŸ—£ Kev Lambert (Stream Shark) - Low Latency Live Streaming *right now*
    Kev attempts to pull all the latest code and see where things are at. Everything's going to be on the edge. Close to now. Very...low latency, once might say.

    P.S. I (Matt) added the last part of that description, don't blame Kev.

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    πŸ“ΊπŸŒπŸŒ It's another online meetup, this is our life now! πŸŒπŸŒπŸ“Ί

    For all the Bay Area folks, I wrote you a haiku:

    I miss the airport
    freaking coronavirus
    now there are fires

    Ok onto our normal agenda:

    𝙓 Demuxed 2020
    It's that week where it's finally time to finish writing that submission! Yes, the one you've been considering submitting for the last month and haven't gotten around to it yet. Yeah, the one where you explain how you think really large flip books are the actual future of the video industry. Yes, it might be a really out there idea, but you should still submit it, the weird ones are sometimes the best!

    If you need encouragement, Phil and I made a video for you: https://twitter.com/demuxed/status/1298031939220201472

    πŸ“Ί SF Video(s)
    If you missed the last Demuxed Newsletter (https://mailchi.mp/bb6450f46324/april2019-demuxed-newsletter-7997480) you might not have seen that I finally updated most of the talks we've seen during quarantine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UCI2mc_eNk&list=PLon9Jm13bZuo0OGx7uzkp79QMeWN1XSAE&index=3

    The exception is the very first panel and Yueshi's talk in May. Unfortunately the talk got split between two platforms and the first half is lost to the ether. I haven't completely lost hope, but it's not up yet.

    πŸŽ™ This month's speakers
    πŸ—£ Nitin Garg (Facebook) - "More efficient transport = improved video QoE."
    I am sure most of you have heard about BBR and how it can improve video QoE. In this talk, I would like to share our work of deploying a different Congestion control algorithm COPA which we found to better fit our requirements for Live video ingest. We implemented COPA with QUIC and ran worldwide A/B tests to compare performance of millions of streams on iOS and Android apps. In our tests, we found that COPA outperforms BBR and CUBIC significantly for Live ingest, providing better good-put (by up to 16%) by reducing retransmissions and lower latency (by up to 27%) by reducing queueing delays.

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    πŸ’»πŸŒŽπŸ’»Does it even need to be said that it's remote anymore!!πŸ’»πŸŒŽπŸ’»

    πŸ“Ή Speakers
    πŸ—£ Sam Bhattacharyya (Vectorly) - "Vector graphics in video"
    An overview of vector graphics, how it can be (and already is) used in online video, and the potential for perfect quality, ultra-low-bitrate video using established standards & existing infrastructure.

  • Monthly Video Meetup

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    🌐🌐🌐 All Remote Again This Month 🌐🌐🌐

    This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone, but we're online-only again this month! We're streaming on Twitch and (now *this* might come as a surprise) going with the same process we did last month. Two in a row, one might say we're starting to figure this out *checks watch* 4 months in.

    πŸ—£ Speaker
    🎀 Chris Kennedy (Ellation) - "Scaling up Anime with Machine Learning and Smart Real Time Algorithms"
    Experiments at Crunchyroll with Waifu2x and Anime4k to improve upscale quality on all devices