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#PerfMatters 2.0: Kitt Hodsden & Yoav Weiss

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303 Bryant Street · Mountain View, CA

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You have to get ringed up to the second floor....

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Did you miss #PerfMatters? Too bad!

Just kidding. Not only will we be handing out the beautiful #PerfMatters water bottles sponsored by AppDynamics, but Yoav Weiss will be re-presenting his #PerfMatters talk in case you missed it, or, if like me, you just want to hear it again. Kitt Hodsden will also be speaking, in case you missed #ImageCon

About Kitt's talk:

Beyond Resizing: The Image Performance Checklist

We all know that website performance is important (way important!), did we mention important, because we meant important. And we all know that images and web-fonts are the two biggest contributors to a web page's size. So, we resize our images, and we're done!

Well... not quite. In the last few years, we've made tremendous improvements in image performance, but which technolgies and techniques are "the best" to focus on? We have image formats, image tooling, image compression, HTTP compression, HTTP2, HEIC and HEIF, guetzli and webp, HTML5, srcset and sizes and image-sets, SSL, sharding, caching and loading and preloading, and, well, just not loading anything at all. And that's just a start!

All of these choices available to us, all of the recommendations, how can we make sense of what do? Let's explore.

About Kitt Hodsden:

Kitt Hodsden, Web Performance Junkie with Mackenzie King LLC, is the 47th laziest developer in the world, a feat which takes considerable effort. She currently helps companies automate their production workflows and increase their sites’ performance, having previously worked at Apple, Shopify, Twitter, Phase2, and PDI/Dreamworks. She co-founded Hacker Dojo, a community space for hackers, tinkerers, makers and programmers in Silicon Valley; and has built enough websites to lose count.

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About Yoav's talk:

The Past, Present and Future of Resource Loading: Why the web is slow and what can we do about it

Loading resources on the Web has always been a performance hurdle. Suboptimal protocols and late discovery caused it to be the common performance bottleneck. In recent years advances in network protocols and performance APIs improved resource loading significantly, but there's still room to make it even faster.

In this talk, Yoav Weiss will go over resource loading improvements browsers have made in recent years, discuss related best practices and describe various innovations that are being worked on to improve resource loading even further.

About Yoav Weiss:

Yoav Weiss is a principal architect at Akamai, where he focuses on making the Web platform faster by adding performance-related features to browsers as well as to Akamai’s CDN. Yoav has been working on mobile Web performance for longer than he cares to admit. He takes image bloat on the Web as a personal insult, which is why he joined the Responsive Image Community Group and implemented the various responsive images features in Blink and WebKit. When he’s not writing code, he’s probably slapping his bass, mowing the lawn in the French countryside, or playing board games with his family.

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The event is hosted at Addepar’s Mountain View office on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 6:30PM. Doors open at 6:00PM. Food and drinks provided by our host/sponsor Addepar (thank you!).

18:00 :: Check-in & Mingle
18:30 :: Announcements and Introductions
19:00 :: Presentation 1: Yoav Weiss
19:30 :: Presentation 2: Kitt Hodsden
20:00 :: Questions, Answer & Open Form
20:30 :: Networking & Discussion


303 Bryant Street
Mountain View, CA

Caltrain: Mountain View stop.