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Neal Bawa's 3 Day Apartment Syndication Magic Bootcamp - Discount Code Inside!
We are helping Neal Bawa Promote his power packed & highly actionable "Apartment Magic Bootcamp"! I attended the online version myself and can't wait to go to the in person one on the weekend of November 30th. Neal has provided us with a $400 OFF EARLY BIRD PRICING discount code for our VIG Members to use! So go and use your exclusive discount code: "thanksguys" For more info: and use your exclusive discount code: "thanksguys" *** When You’re Done, You’ll Walk Away With a Step-By-Step Plan For BUYING THE RIGHT PROPERTY AT THE RIGHT TIME FOR THE RIGHT PRICE On Your Own, Or Together With Others. Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin when it comes to purchasing multifamily real estate? Are you afraid to make an offer on an apartment building because you’re worried you won’t be able to sell? Maybe you’re worried about having enough time to successfully manage a complex after you buy it, or you’ve purchased real estate before and it just didn’t work out. Or maybe you own a property that is underperforming and management is a nightmare. What if you had a detailed step-by-step process for identifying and successfully managing multifamily properties in the best metros? A process that would allow you to make confident buying decisions, without fear of failure. And what if acquiring new properties was as simple as turning a crank by following this proven process? It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly how we make our purchases. And once you have completed our Apartment Magic eBootcamp, you too will know how to leverage research and tools to not only make smart buying decisions… …but to turn your purchases into PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. You’ll no longer have to rely primarily on “hope-and-pray” or “wait-and-see” when it comes to the profitability of a new acquisition. You will have confidence that you are buying the right property, at the right time, for the right price. FACT: Multifamily Real Estate Investing Has Proven To Be One Of The Best Asset Classes For Long-Term Wealth Accumulation There are many reasons to own commercial real estate. It has low volatility with 300% fewer down years than the stock market. The long-term risk adjusted return of real estate is better than stocks, bonds, and REITs. It is an excellent hedge against inflation, with historic returns far in excess of CPI. And of course there are the significant tax advantages of owning real estate over stocks and bonds. As you’ll learn in the training, the fundamentals of multifamily real estate investing are extremely strong for many years to come. But how do you actually do it? That’s what you’re about to learn… Smart property acquisitions are the life-blood of a real estate portfolio. “One hit wonder” acquisitions just aren’t enough. You must have scalable, duplicatable acquisition processes that identify new, qualified properties from scratch if you want acquisitions that provide consistent income growth. So whether it’s Dallas Las Vegas Tampa San Francisco Chicago Portland … cash-flowing acquisitions are readily available for purchase. You just have to know how to “buy them” the right way. And then once you buy them, you need to know how to manage them smartly to increase cash flow. This content rich live online eBootcamp is designed for those that want actionable data, clear directions and a defined step-by-step roadmap for investing in apartment complexes. SIGN UP FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING + $400 OFF AT: Don't forget to use our exclusive discount code: "thanksguys"

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What to Expect from a VIG Real Estate Investor Meetup? And; Will There be Pizza & Beer?:)

Whether you are a current or future real estate investor, come expect to be entertained, educated, fed, and... Bring your business cards! Savvy members arrive on time to get their pizza (vegan options available), and to get their drink and networking on. Most members find the pre, and post-event socializing with our dynamic open, and easy-to-network-with group, just as valuable as the featured speaker!

We won't bore you! The backbone of every event is a 1 hour presentation by a new, qualified and interesting speaker. And as longs as the topic is relevant for real estate investors, we like to mix it up! This year alone we are covering "401K Real Estate Investing", "Mobile Home Park Investing", "Creative Financing", "Apartment Building Syndications", "Turnkey Investing", "Student Housing Investing", "Self- Storage Investing", "Cannabis Real Estate Investing"... And the list goes on!

After the main speaker its the members turn because we like to do our member introductions just before we get back to the networking! Members are encouraged to introduce themselves; but no need to prepare; because everyone tries to keep their elevator pitches limited to 20 seconds or less.

Now you know what everyone does, spend the last 20 minutes to network with experienced investors from all over the SF Bay Area; while, enjoying some nourishing, if by now cold, pizza and drinks! Members use this time to find deals, money, buyers, and most of all to build and foster relationships and learn from each other's experiences.

After the meetup, the half of the group that does not go straight home to write out their notes, walks to a close by neighborhood bar for some casual networking and perhaps one more drink.

If you think that sounds interesting, you are not alone! Come see for yourself why we are the fastest growing and, arguably, the most dynamic Real Estate Investing group in the SF Bay Area. We hope to see you soon!

Don't take our word for it. Here is some typical feedback from one of our members:

"I went to the Virtual Investors Group (VIG) to see if I could learn about SFH investing. And after a few meetups I ended up learning about that, and a whole lot more; multi family, mobile home, self-storage, section 8, etc. The meetups were eye opening for me. They give me new ideas about what options I can look at and, once I know about those, I can always finds books or podcasts online to learn more. For a new investor like me, the VIG meetup is a great resource that helps me find an investment direction that is right for me!" - Group Member H.N. - 2017

“ My favorite thing about this meetup is that each attendee gets to share who they are and what they're up to, and then socialize right afterwards. It takes 20 minutes and the connections are invaluable. Not sure why every meetup doesn't do this! ” - B.K. - 2017

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We hope to see you soon!

Ryder & Chris

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