San Jose Photographers Social Night - Photo Sharing & Drinks!

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Any and all San Jose area PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE WELCOME!
JOIN US for our ongoing social night gathering.

Let's have some fun sitting together & catching up on stuff or meet in person for the first time. This is a great opportunity to share the work we are creating or share example images of work that inspires us.

55 South Bar & Lounge
Yelp Link: -

I picked a Tuesday to avoid weekend crowds for our sanity.
And if your hungry they serve food at 55 South, although for some their food might seem a little pricey.
So I recommend next door there is a Skewers & Brew place
which has some yummy munchies if you are hungry for dinner
or get snacky.


7pm - Start Time - Your +1 is totally welcome to join us too.

Bring some of your soft copy or hard copy images to share with us and ask for opinions. You can bring them on your tablet, laptop, or prints if you wish. I would recommend phone or tablet and focusing on just 5-10 images at a time that specifically reflect your current focus for critiques. Preferably some of your most recent work and its good to show groupings of work if they have a same project theme. But not necessary, they can all be different themes or if you are wondering about past images you have accomplished that's fine too.

You can bring any type of photography work, but DO be contentious if sharing anything that is NSFW as we are in a public space.

So get a drink to enjoy, come to our table and introduce us to you and your work. Tell us about your inspirations, what your current creativity is telling you or let's geek on gear talk.

You know we all love to talk about this stuff for days. So bring yourself, your tablet and some business cards and come hang out for an opportunity to meet with me when we are not in work mode.

This event is FREE & doesn't cost you anything but your own bar tab.
1-2 Drink minimum (non-alcoholic cocktails are ok)

9pm - We wrap up

Can't wait to meet you!

- Shiva Sharifi