Ableton Meetup - MIDI Effects

This is a past event

42 people went


In this months meetup we will be showing you how to use Ableton’s MIDI effects to improve your production workflow. MIDI is one of the main technologies that is used to write music inside of a DAW and control virtual instruments. MIDI effects allow you to further manipulate and control your musical ideas in interesting and creative ways. It is our goal in this workshop to show you how MIDI effects work and how to start using them in useful and creative ways.

Learn how to:

Play chords with one note with the Chord Device

Use the Arpeggiator device to create complex sequences of notes

Transpose your song with the Pitch device

Create interesting musical ideas with the Random device

Stay in key with the Scale device.

Use the Velocity device to create a more lifelike production

Devices Covered:







About the presenters:

Lenny Kiser is an Ableton Live certified trainer, producer, organizer of the Bay Area User Group and owner at Sequence One.

This meetup is for all skill levels! Come hang out, learn new things, and meet other Ableton users in the community!