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Established in July of 2013, the purpose of BARC is to form a community of recumbent cycling enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area who enjoy riding with others on occasion and riding in a variety of locales.

The ride calendar is comprised of rides that Event Organizers create. Send a message to Organizer (Russell) if you want to be added as an Event Organizer. An introduction to hosting a ride guide can be found here (https://www.meetup.com/SFBARC/messages/boards/thread/51796840). Assistance for new Event Organizers is available, contact Russell.

Cycling is a sporting activity known to pose risks to your person and/or property. Cycling with a group may increase some of these risks. Members and ride leaders (i.e. event hosts) are not certified experts in cycling or cycling safety.

To request a BARC membership:

1. Read and understand the Limits of Liability (https://www.meetup.com/SFBARC/about/)

2. Click: Request to Join button, answer the three questions then submit

Note: If you don't own a recumbent cycle, no worries, we don't require members to own a recumbent. All pedal-powered cycles are welcome, including e-assisted cycles. This is not a group for cycles that are powered solely by a motor.

Upcoming events (5+)

*POSTPONED*Cal Expo to Water Tower Ride

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•POSTPONED TIL MAY! Discovery Park still closed and trail still flooded. In April is TARTAR. WAITING TIL AFTER TARTAR AS TO NOT OVERLAP RIDES• A nice ride from Cal Expo in Sacramento to the Water Tower in South Sacramento bordering Elk Grove. Goes through Old Sac and is predominately flat. Meetup at 9am. Rollout at 9:15am. Ride Pace ~ 10 to 12 mph A 0.9 tenths mile on road from Scott’s Seafood back to trail and a 4/10 tenths from trail to Garcia park. Vise versa on return for an approx. of 3 miles of road riding. If you want a shorter ride and no road sections, Scott’ Seafood is a perfect “turn around”point. This gives you a 24 mile round trip vs the full 40 mile round trip. See map for details. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29154835

Coyote Creek Trail Ride & HPV Fun Day at Hellyer Park Velodrome

Come ride the Coyote Creek Trail (CCT) then afterward, if you like, watch or participate in recumbent racing on the track. We'll meet at the parking area for the Velodrome and do a 25 mile or so out and back ride south on the Coyote Creek Trail (rolling at 9:00 AM) and return by noon to watch or participate in the HPV races. Average speed when rolling on trail 10-12 mph. Note: Parking at Hellyer Park costs $6.00, paid at the kiosk entering the park. An alternative would be to park somewhere else along the trail and ride to the park. The racing event is not a Bay Area Recumbent Cyclists event but some of us have participated in races or watched the races in the past. This is a low key event with the emphasis on fun and enjoying recumbent bikes and HPVs. Here is more info on the event and the fees for participating (watching is free) https://hpvfunday.wordpress.com When: Sunday, April 14, 2019 Where: San Jose Velodrome at Hellyer Park. Time: Registration starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at noon. Please register early so we can start on time! Racing begins around 12:45 and ends around 4 pm. The annual HPV Fun Day at Hellyer Park Velodrome has been held for over 25 years! The racing can be fast, but the emphasis is on fun! Newcomers are encouraged to join us and start with two low-stress events, the timed 200 meters and the Newcomers Race. We encourage women riders to experiment with racing in a safe, welcoming environment! All types of bikes are welcome except for mountain bikes, bikes with no brakes and motorcycles of any kind. Electric bikes can compete in the 200 meters and their own race if there are 3 or more of you. Race Categories: 1) Unfaired, 2) Partially Faired and 3) Open Class (velomobiles and other faired bikes). Events 200 meters (all categories) – one run per person/bike combination. Juniors Race (under age 16) – 3 laps. Newcomers Race – 4 laps – Open to people who haven’t entered a Fun Day race before. Miss and Out Race- Two heats based on 200 meter times. Other fun races we (or you) come up with 1/2 hour Race (all categories) If you want to propose a race, contact Carole at [masked] Just Curious? If you want to ride on the track but don’t want to race, we have “Track Tryout” for $5 (cost of the insurance). You can ride the track before and between races (helmet required). Cost: Costs for 2019 are (per rider): $30…Regular; $20…Students; $10…Juniors (under age 16); $5…to just ride on the track between races (cost of insurance) $6…Parking: Pay for parking at the kiosk, as you enter the park. There are no concessions at the park. Plan to bring your own food and water.

TARTAR 2019 - American River Trail

Needs a location

Once again I'm instigating the annual recumbent ride on the American River Trail near Sacramento. For info, please go to: http://www.bentrideronline.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=144734

SF Bay Trail Monthly Ride (Emeryville > Richmond > Point Richmond)

Emeryville Police Dept. - Powell Street

SF Bay Trail Monthly Ride (Emeryville > Rydin Rd & Central Ave > Point Richmond) Meets on the 3rd Sunday of every month 2 distances: 30 miles and 18 miles (round-trip) 30 Mile Ride: Arrive/Park by 8:45 AM, meet in front of the Emeryville Police Department station located at 2449 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA. WHEELS-ROLLING TIME IS 9:00 AM. There is sufficient street parking available on both sides of police station adjacent to the trail. Other parking options exist nearby. 18 Mile Ride: Arrive/Park by 9:15 AM, meet at northwest corner of Rydin Rd & Central Avenue in Richmond, CA (right next to SF Bay Trail). WHEELS-ROLLING TIME IS BETWEEN 9:30 - 9:45 AM - Street parking available nearby. Safest parking may be at Costco (1/4 mile further down Central Ave.). Meeting spot location map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZAXw5asLtAD2 Pace: 10-12 mph when pedaling on flat ground (14-15 mph on sections ridden only by the 30 mile riders) Route Description: From Emeryville, the route follows the San Francisco Bay Trail north to meet with the 18 mile riders in Richmond. From Richmond, the route continues at a slightly slower pace on the SF Bay Trail to Craneway Pavilion (the old Ford assembly plant), stopping once along the way at a convenient restroom. From Craneway, the SF Bay Trail uses roads to connect with Point Richmond and the turn-around point at Starbucks. Generally spend about 20-30 minutes at Starbucks before heading back via the Dornan Tunnel and the bike trails at Miller-Knox and Brickyard Cove. Route is known for its scenic views of bay, marinas, waterfronts and birdlife. Route Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28859824 Route Map (18 mile riders): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/6998488 Notes: 1. The 18 mile route is almost all flat, one very easy short climb thru tunnel. The 30 mile route includes one hill at Golden Gate Fields.

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