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Language Exchange & International Social
Language Exchange & International Social: This is a fun meet & speak social event in a classy lounge. If you want to practice different languages as you would in real life situations, make new friends from around the world, or just enjoy a drink in an international atmosphere, come and join us. There's no need to be shy or worry about making mistakes since everyone is out to practice, improve, and have fun. Learn not only languages, but about cultures and lifestyles. *** 2 for 1 Margaritas, $2.50 taco Tuesdays *** Where: In Western SOMA's vibrant 11th Street corridor which is the heart of SF's nightlife and entertainment options. Expectations: 1. Bring your Passport or ID to show that you're 21 or older. 2. Tipping Culture: In the United States it is customary to tip the bartender at least $1 per drink you order. 3. Please consume at least one drink (doesn't need to be alcoholic) or appetizer so the bar will continue to want to host us. 4. Have fun, be positive and have a good time!!!! Be respectful to others. --- If you like our group and want to help us out, you can either offer to buy the host a beer, or you can help spread the word by telling your friends or anyone who likes languages about us.

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What we're about

In San Francisco, we have a plethora of language exchange meet up groups dedicated to a particular language which usually meet in a coffee-shop.

SF Babel aims to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in a bar environment where speakers of many different languages come together to practice speaking a different language in a real-world context with real people, all for FREE.

The goal is to have a night-out, with an international crowd on a consistent basis.


The idea of the group is that you give help to the group (helping those who are learning your native language) and you get help from the group (you are helped by others who speak the language you want to practice). This way everyone benefits!

We typically have native speakers of Japanese, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Korean, German, Italian, Cantonese, Turkish, Mandarin, Russian, and many other languages.

When you arrive, just introduce yourself to the organizers (Marcus, Erick) and we will introduce you to others who speak the language you want to practice to get you started. It's fun and FREE! You only pay for what you order at the bar. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TIP YOUR BARTENDER! (leave about $1 extra per drink that you buy).


We will get started at 6:45pm and usually stay there until at least 10pm, but you can arrive and leave at whatever time you like. Check out the calendar ( ) to see what events we have coming up and to RSVP.


If you have any comments, questions, problems, concerns or ideas, just talk to the organizers about it. We will do our best to make sure you have a positive experience! Everyone is welcome!

Remember, this group is a hobby for us; we run it just for fun, we love it and we hope you will love it too!



How to Babel:

1. Be open-minded!

We are a very diverse group. You'll meet people from all over the world. Enjoy the chance to have the international experience in San Francisco!

2. Tip your bartender!

Although it's common not to tip in many cultures, it is very much a part of American culture, so remember to leave a tip for your bartender, even if you buy a drink directly from the bar.

3. Ask the organizers!

If you have any questions, concerns, problems or ideas, please talk to the organizers about it!


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