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Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Large Format Photography Group!

This group is for the large format (LF) photographers, the LFers, from the San Francisco Bay Area who are interested in the large format photography using view or field cameras - a relatively small group of people among a very large number of digital shooters. The group is created to make it easy for the members to meet with the like-minded LFers and get involved in the activities such as the following:
* Location photography at nearby places with the LF gear (we all know it takes a lot more deliberate effort and time to capture a great LF photograph compared to a digital camera)
* Meet and network with the fellow LFers
* Share techniques, exchange ideas
* Show your photography work
* Exchange prints
* Show/look at the photography equipment
* Just have a cup of coffee or lunch with people with the similar wavelength
* In short, any interesting and fun activities related to LF photography that the members would like to do

This group is not just for the experienced LF photographers - if you are just starting out in the LF photography and/or would like to learn LF photography and/or have not bought the LF gear yet, this group is a great way to get into this field - the group members will be more than happy to show you the LF techniques they have learned over the years. On the other hand, if you have no intention of doing LF photography (e.g. would like to shoot using digital cameras/DSLRs), this group will be a misfit for your photography needs and you will be better served by joining other photography groups.

Although majority of the members of this group use film to capture the images on their LF cameras (a digital back on an LF camera is the other possibility), they use both analog techniques (traditional darkroom, enlarger, contact printing, alternative techniques, etc.) and digital techniques (scanning, Photoshop, calibrated monitor, digital printer, etc.) to make the prints.

If you are not sure if this group is for you…
The members of this group use highly versatile but fully mechanical "large format" (LF) film cameras such as the ones shown below. These are not digital SLRs or point and shoot cameras. Here are some photos of the LF cameras:
LF Camera Images (http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=large+format+camera)

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proposal for "Large Format 101" meetup
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Given enough response, this would be a hands-on workshop style event for field work using a large format camera aimed at beginners and the curious. This first outing would cover topics such as loading film, lenses, setting up the camera, basic movements, metering the scene, etc. A later meetup could cover development and darkroom work if there was enough interest.

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Pushing West: The Photography of Andrew J. Russell

Oakland Museum of California

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