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Manage Your Emotions with Breathing Techniques
Tired of being tired? Of feeling behind and overwhelmed? Anxious and worried about the future. Stress piles up and takes a toll on our mood, sleep and relationships. When we feel drained, our mind is less likely to be positive and instead fills up with judgments, doubts, etc, which drains us even more, creating a negative cycle. You probably know meditation can help, but it's hard to make the time, and when you do, you may not be sure if it's "working" and give up. Your own breath hides the secret to living with less stress, greater focus, energy, and confidence. How could you tap into this source of inner peace? Click here and Register to find out: See You soon

Blissful Yoga

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What we're about

Where foreign expats & American-born locals meet, sharing international interests, cultures & ideas!

In this unique group you can meet friends from every corner of the Earth, right here in South Florida! This diverse group provides a great opportunity for you to meet people from all over the world!


We MEETUP for friendships, support, community service, mentorship, share ideas, inspire and empower each other, do new and adventurous things as a group in a nonjudgmental environment.

Our International Friends of South Florida activities include diversity of Concerts, Festivals, Art Shows, Films, Theater, Opera, weekend retreats, empowerment workshops, wellness & holistic health workshops, seminars, lectures, dinner parties, birthday parties, house parties, dancing, happy hours, wellness/holistic events, work-out/yoga session, pool party, cooler fete, family day, ladies night-out, cruises, Caribbean/African Festivals, Latin/Asian Festivals, Jazz Concert, R&B/Hip Hop Concert special events, concerts in the park, charity events, 2/5K walk for Cancer Awareness month & Sickle Cell Awareness, International Film festival, wine tastings, couples night out/singles night out, or picnics at the beach or park, and other fun exciting outings.

International Friends attracts foreign expats, as well as Americans with an open mind interest in meeting new people, traveling abroad, experiencing new cultures, & speaking foreign languages! Every ethnic background and every member is appreciated :•)

Join us for camaraderie at events with an international flavor.

South Florida is booming with foreign nationals, naturalized citizens, and admirers of various cultures.

Every person has something unique to offer this group.

International Friends....let's meet, mingle, collaborate, grow, network, partner and celebrate each other unique culture!!

❀ International Friends of South Florida ☀

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