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Day 1: Salsa For All Bodies, Beginners Immersion Workshop
All bodies, All genders, All ages, All orientations! This set of two, 4 hour immersion workshops will get you ready to salsa with confidence, all in one go! You COULD sign up for a series, 60 mins a week for 8 weeks... but let's be honest - you're not going to! This is your chance to learn to REALLY salsa, all in one shot. This is street/nightclub (as opposed to ballroom), LA style salsa, on the 1. (If you don't know what that means, that's ok!) This set does BUILD. It's totally OK to take only day 1, but it is NOT recommended to take only Day 2, unless A. you know you are a quick study of dance and will not need the basic moves demonstrated slowly or B. you already know the basics of LA style salsa and don't need to relearn them. HOW TO REGISTER: Purchase tickets on Eventbrite at or skip the fees and send just the ticket amount via PayPal ([masked]) or Venmo (@clickyourheels). Youth discount (ages 8-21) available, DM Click Your Heels for details. NOTAFLOF. If you would like to help sponsor a youth registration, please donate via PayPal or Venmo with the word SALSA YOUTH $ in the note OUTLINE: 10am - 11:30am individual basics We will start Day 1 with three fundamental foot patterns, for first time salsa dancers (plus anyone who wants to review). As the foot patterns get ingrained, we'll work on body positioning, learn 6 basic turns that mix and match into the 3 foot patterns, hip motion, and more. Day 2 we will review this more quickly and work on speed and combinations. 11:30am - 12:00pm bag lunch and lecture Bring something to eat! While we eat and rest our legs, we'll talk about rhythm and musicality, and listen to music samples. You'll learn about salsa and latin dance music from a dancers perspective, as well as my special foolproof method for how to find the dance beat, how to tell the speed of a song, how to recover the beat when you lose it, and lots more. Day 2 we will begin to tackle traditional slow intros for salsa music, dance breaks, and more. 12:00pm - 1:30pm partnering, and the unwritten social norms of latin dance events Arms, leading and following, partnering energy, body positioning, how to ask someone to dance, how to start, how to close, and so much more. This is how to use everything you learned before lunch, both in the micro and the macro. Everything you need to get out on the floor and have a good time. 1:30 - 2pm practice time, simple dips, simple shines Practice what you learned, as if you were out on your own at an event, except with your coach standing by to answer questions and help you out of stuck places. For folks who are ready for more, we'll offer a few simple but dressy moves for extra credit, such as shines and dips!

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If you're queer in the bay area and you love salsa music/dance, then you've found your tribe! Welcome to our online clubhouse!!!

This is your place to voice your ideas, find out about events, meet like-minded peeps, and plot universal domination! ;) If there's a salsa event you'd like to attend with some fun and friendly folks, please post it here! Very likely someone else wants to go too! Musicians want to jam with other queers? Post it! Want to invade a straight club on salsa/latin night? Oh yeah, we're all over that! Post it! Questions? Post 'em!

Looking for same-sex/queer/LGBTQ salsa dance lessons in the Bay Area? It's been a little hard to find? Surprised? Yep, me too. So, as a long time dance teacher and a queer myself, I decided it was high time that the home of Harvey Milk and Dykes on Bikes had a great same-sex/genderqueer/trans-friendly salsa class! Remember the POINT of lessons is to learn something you don't already know. If you don't know how to dance salsa or you want to learn new stuff, COME TO CLASS! You're not alone!

Please chime in and make suggestions! :) Every member is encouraged to participate as much as possible. This is a democracy not a dictatorship! ;)

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