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The mission of the SFVACC is to advocate art and culture through exhibitions, education, music and theater. It is committed to promoting visual and performing arts by San Fernando Valley‐based artists, providing a cultural hub for our community and enriching the lives of artists and others. The organization embraces all forms of arts discipline and will continue to create a rich, artistic legacy in the San Fernando Valley. The Center is also actively involved in partnering with San Fernando Valley-based environmental and humanitarian organizations. The Center was created to provide a facility in the west-central San Fernando Valley, providing space for artists-in-residence, exhibits, classes, and a gathering place for all types of art and community events. In 2014 a suitable facility (the Center) was found. After major reconstruction of the leased industrial property, the SFVAC opened the Center in October 2014. This new Center now houses a professional gallery, artists’ studios, meeting, performance & educational space, workshop clean-up area, office and a gift shop.

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