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Hello SF LGBT Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,

My name is Eddie Tang. I am the Small Business Consultant at SF LGBT Center.

Over the last 15 years, SF LGBT Center Economic Development Team has served hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the LGBTQ community, as well as other underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area through our one-on-one small business consulting service.

However, we want to do more. We want to create a space where many of you can continue to come back and get support. We want to provide ongoing support using a variety of partners and resources we have access to. We want to help you succeed. We also want to create a space where entrepreneurs can support and help each other. And this is the idea of SF LGBT Center Business Business Group.

Through this space, and our events and workshops,

. Our resource partners and subject experts will come to host workshops based on the feedback from the small business owners.

. You can meet with our small business consultant who will be here to answer your questions.

. You can come to work on any projects you have if that's all you want to do.

. Small business owners can network and get to know each other.

. New business owners can search for a mentor and experienced business owners can offer their knowledge and experience to help them.

. Entrepreneurs can brainstorm and support each other.

If you are new and have not attended our one-on-one consulting section, we encourage you to make an appointment with our Small Business Consultant Eddie Tang through below link. The consulting is offered free of charge. It is certainly not a requirement but it will be helpful.


Through our one-on-one section, we can better understand your business needs, direct you to a variety of resources you might not be aware of, and help you create an individualized strategic business development plan.

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SF LGBTQIA Small Business Owners Covid-19 Relief Program Weekly Updates

In light of the current and evolving environment due to Covid-19, we want to offer these weekly relief program updates through Zoom meeting for small business owners in the LGBTQIA community and everyone else. Besides providing updates about various relief programs, we will also invite attorneys, online marketing professionals, housing rights counselors, and other resources partners to provide useful information and answer questions to help you through this difficult time. This week, Business Attorney Galia Schmidt will continue to provide updates about some of the programs she follows closely. Eddie, the Small Business Consultant at the Center will be hosting a workshop: Financial Management for Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors, and Freelancers. The workshop will help you get familiar with some business financial management concepts, understand your financing options, improve your ability to prepare for unforeseen financial difficulties, and acquire skills to increase your company's revenue and improve its profitability.

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