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The Eclectic Society of Lambent Anachronauts (TESLA) invites you to fly to Mars on an airship! Become a Mad Scientist! Explore the outer reaches of the Universe.....in style. Gadgeteers, Ragamuffins, Aristocrats, Air Pirates and even crazy Snake-oil sellers are all welcome here. History with a twist. Mix neo-victorian, punk, goth, pirates, gypsies, the orient, fashion, goggles, SCIENCE!!! and your imagination. Come and play with us in Colorado Springs! Every month

ATTENTION: anyone planning on attending the TESLA meetup on Tues 1/22.
We WILL NOT be in the meeting room on the first floor of Fargo's but instead UPSTAIRs in the area above the ordering place. I had booked all of our 2012 Fargo's meetups earlier last yr, and since it was still undecide what we would do for the monthly meetups come February, I waited until now to make the reservations for 2013. Apparently both the meeting rooms at Fargo's are booked on a Tuesday evening, but the mgr is reserving the upstairs above the ordering place for TESLA this ONE time. I'll should be there early, so just come upstairs and look for me. Going forward, we will have the second THURSDAY of the Month meeting at Fargo's in March, May, July September and November and the second THURSDAY of the month TESLA meetings at Montague's on February, April, June, August, October and December.

So to recap:
- this TUES 1/22, at Fargo's but we are UPSTAIRS NOT in the Meeting room
- starting in Feb, even months, second Thurs of the month at Montague's
- starting in Feb, odd months, second Thurs of the month at Fargo's
- we still need someone to do a presentation this Tue, will be taking pictures of anyone in costume, and have lots to discuss with all the events which take place after this meeting 1/22 and before the next meeting on 2/14 (at Montague's). Bring stuff to show off and share. Plan events. Chat and meet others interested in Steampunk.