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Every Saturday YOGA & MEDITATION $ Donation Basis:)
COMMUNITY YOGA & MEDITATION Every Saturday in CAREFREE $ Donation Basis:) with Instructors- Dr. Jason McNeil & Dr. Alexis McNeil 9:30 am Guided Meditation with Dr. Jason McNeil 10-11 am Yoga Flow (All Levels welcome) with Dr. Alexis McNeil COME & MEET NEW LOCAL FRIENDS & LET'S GO OUT FOR LUNCH AFTERWORDS PLEASE GO TO BOTTOM of THIS IF YOU NEED MY PH#s to call- txt ME & ASK ME QUESTIONS. We can go to Grotto Cafe for Lunch or Tonto Bar & Grill on the PATIO - green RANCHO MANANA VIEWS! ... i love Tonto Bar and grill because it is like being on Vacation in our own town with such beauty RESORT ATMOSPHERE & depending on what you order it's almost the same price as a lunch anywhere else.... See you at Mediation & Yoga:) - WE'LL PICK A LOCAL PLACE TO EAT AFTER YOGA TO KEEP IT FLEXIBLE WITH MANY POSSIBILITIES:) IF YOU ARE NEW BEGINNER TO YOGA: you can email me directly by hitting my picture herein THIS MEETUP Need to BRING? ---- Yoga Mat [they have extra there], you can buy your own at Target, Walmart, Kohl's, & any sports store & WATER What do I Need to WEAR? ---- Baggy sheer Yoga Pants or Shorts, i think the cheapest is at Target, Walmart, Kohl's, & any sports store -ASK A GIRL in the store- WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOGA THEY'LL HELP YOU IN THE STORE.. some people just wear sports shorts - i would buy yoga clothes What would help me PREPARE in Advance? ---- Hot Shower Stretching and bring Water Bottle - eat 1hr or more before class FREE Yoga on my ( ( ( channel ---- Click here & below links ---- for 3 FULL Sessions GREAT for ALL LEVELS EVEN BEGINNERS Mindful Gentle Yoga Flow Class All Levels FULL SESSION CLASS ( FREE Yoga on my ( ( ( channel : Dr Steven Sorr Gentle Yoga Flow All Levels Full Session link ( Yoga on my ( ( ( channel : Yin Yoga Asana Postures All Levels Beginner Intermediate Advanced ( link FREE Yoga on my ( ( ( channel :: Subscribe SHAPER YouTube ( channel link Free Saturday classes with (Instructors- Dr. Jason/ Dr. Alexis) Vinyasa Yoga, also known as FLOW YOGA, aims to Create a Moving Meditation set to Music by smoothly connecting Poses on Inhales & Exhales. Flows are easily adjusted from basic to advanced making vinyasa yoga perfect for all levels. Yoga Fundamentals teaches Basic Breath Awareness & Aims to break down the most common poses in yoga. It offers Modifications with the use of props such as blocks, bolsters, and straps to help build Strength & Stamina making Any Level yoga class accessible. Let YOGA be your Medicine – Infrared Heaters have been installed! DETOXIFY, STIMULATE the IMMUNE SYSTEM, & BURN FAT There is a DIFFERENCE between a hot yoga studio & an Infrared Heated Studio. Traditional heaters heat the body from the outside, great for sweating & fat burning… BUT… Infrared heats the body from the INSIDE so sweating & fat burning are only part of the benefits! Infrared causes dilation of the small blood vessels deep inside the organs, increasing circulation in the deep tissues which don’t easily get fresh blood. When deep organ tissues are flushed with new oxygenated blood, deeper healing takes place. Toxic substances like heavy metals, environmental toxins and chemicals are stored in these deep tissues. The infrared heat combined with the twisting and stretching of the yoga poses allow the toxins to be released, they travel into the blood stream and are carried out of the body through the skin with the sweat or released into the gut to move out through the bowels. The infrared heat also stimulates the immune system. The penetrating heat creates an “artificial fever” and the body’s natural response is to increase white blood cells. White blood cells then work to kill viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes. So grab a towel and a mat and join us for the deepest healing & regenerating experience only available under infrared heaters. Drs. Alexis & Jason McNeil started their yoga practice together in 2012 as a way of dealing with the day to day stressors of running a business and being physicians. Yoga transformed their hearts, lives and medical practice beyond belief. Their vision is to offer this important piece of health to their patients and the Cave Creek community. Our noon yoga class reminds us to SLOW DOWN, BREATHE, and continue our work day with LOVE and GRATITUDE. ENJOY Drs. Alexis & Jason McNeil's beautiful environment & kind generosity to us! -- with Respect & Gratitude for sharing their practice with us! Sincerely, DALIA from & funsonoran @ yahoo .com Ph 623 - 465 - 4844 LANDLINE - txt cell 480 . 227. 4944 LINKEDin: PS You can just rsvp herein with guests - if you want to go to Lunch afterwords i'll know who to look out for... my yoga mat is light purple and says dalia on it - dalia's my 1st name i'm always in the back row .. if you want to find me:) .. enjoy i do not check comments often so txt is best. THERE WILL ALREADY BE PEOPLE ATTENDING THIS EVENT THAT ARE NOT PART OF THIS MEETUP BUT ALREADY provided RSVP via North Valley Medical and Yoga Center of Cave Creek - Carefree tools for optimal health.

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