SHARC Robotics Event? Brainstorm Lunch

Maggie Smith's Irish Pub

6631 South Peoria Street · Englewood, CO

How to find us

Tell the host(ess) you're there for the SHARC Robotics Meetup. If you're the first one, get us a table :)

Location image of event venue


This time for real!

It's been too long. Let's grab lunch and help us come up with a robotics project/event/contest. Everyone is welcome.

In the past we've had some robotics events -- Fire Fighting Robots, Line Following Bots, Autonomous Vehicles. What's next? Let's get together and figure it out. Or just have lunch and chat. If you want to help make stuff happen, please attend.

One thought is the Amazon DeepRacer:

We're always looking for new meeting locations so feel free to suggest someplace new.