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Why? Because buses are great but they're not for everyone. Because driving alone is expensive and not having a ride is a tragedy. Because we want to shred as much as we can, while helping the planet and making new friends.

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Upcoming events (5)

NJ/NYC to Mount Snow | January 18 | 1 Day or Multi Day | 4 Seats total | $40

SKI MULTI CARPOOL AVAILABLE - RSVP or message the hosts for more info! Details: Ski/Snowboard: Ski or Snowboard Location: https://www.mountsnow.com/ Style/Ability: Intermediate (All Mountain) Name: Godfrey and Len Your Meetup.com User Name: GodfreyM and Len Destination Mountain Resort & Travel Route: NJ/NYC to Mt. Snow - 1/18/19 - 1 day or Multiday - 4 seats Departure Date: 1/18/2019 Departure Time: Morning (drive with Len) , Evening (drive with Godfrey) Departure Location: Coordinate with Organizers Return Date: 1/19/2019 or 1/21/2019 Return Time: Sat Evening for 1 day trip, Monday evening for Multiday trip Return Location: Variable Return Location: Variable # of Days on Snow: Single or Multi Day # of Seats Available: 4 between both cars Fare: $40 Comments: 1 Day Trip Godfrey's Car - **EDITED 1/17/19** 2 Spots open for an after work road trip to Mt. Snow on 1/18/19 then Jay Peak on 1/19/19. Plan on getting a budget hotel near Mt Snow, get on first lift in the AM, some Apres Ski when done. Drive up to Burlington, check into hotel. Sunday AM, drive to Jay Peak and sync up with Mike R's trip. Head home around 5PM. Back to NYC area around 11:30PM on Sunday. Multi Day Trip Len's Car - 2 Spots open. Leaving Friday Morning 1/18/19, Returning Monday Afternoon 1/21/19. AirBnB accomodations. Please arrange with Len if interested in this choice. We will all be hanging out for Apres Ski at Cuzzins on Saturday afternoon! **NOTE** You are responsible for arranging your hotel/motel accommodations, and lift ticket. Rules: 1) RSVPs must meet me in person first (date/location TBD) 2) No eating/drinking in my car. I stop multiple times at rest stops. 3) No smoke/food smelling clothes or jackets. 4) No Ski boots/snow board boots inside my car. 5) I have a Thule Snowpack 4 ski rack, so I have room for 1 board and 1 pair of skis. I agree to the Terms of Use and consent to the creation of a Shredshare User Profile.: Yes (Sent via shredshare)

NYC to Jay Peak, VT | Jan 19 | 2 days | 2 seats | $40

Jay Peak Resort

Ski/Snowboard: Snowboard Style/Ability: Advanced (All Mountain) Name: Mike R Your Meetup.com User Name: Mike R Destination Mountain Resort & Travel Route: Jay Peak aka J.Pizzle Departure Date: 1/19/2019 Departure Time: 10:0:0 AM Departure Location: NYC Return Date: 1/21/2019 Return Time: 8:0:0 PM Return Location: NYC # of Days on Snow: 2 # of Seats Available: 3 Fare: $40 Comments: Heading to Jay to catch the storm. Leaving Saturday at 10am. Full day on the mountain Sunday and Monday until 2pm. Kind a spur of the moment so I haven't made arrangements for a hotel but I am open to splitting something or booking individually. Its go time!

NYC to (rider's choice) | Jan 21 | 1 day | 4 seats

Windham Mountain

Details: Ski/Snowboard Style/Ability: (All Mountain) Name: Pablo Your Meetup.com User Name: [masked] Destination Mountain Resort & Travel Route: Windham Mountain Departure Date: 1/21/2019 Departure Time: 5 AM Departure Location: Queens Center Mall &/ or Christopher Morley Park Return Date: 1/21/2019 Return Time: 4 PM Return Location: Queens Center Mall &/ or Christopher Morley Park # of Days on Snow: 1 # of Seats Available: 4 Fare: $25 Comments: Majority choice between Windham, Hunter, and, Belleaire. Our ride will be a new, clean, and, comfortable Ram 1500 with crew cab. Very spacious with tons of storage for your gear. We can take turns with the dial- Sirius/ XM radio on board. Open to rest stops as needed. You get your own lift ticket for the day.

NJ to Plattekill, NY | Jan 25 | 1 day | 2 seats | $20

Ski/Snowboard: Ski Style/Ability: Advanced (All Mountain) Name: Zachary Klughaupt Your Meetup.com User Name:[masked] Destination Mountain Resort & Travel Route: Plattekill from Union County NJ Departure Date: 1/25/2019 Departure Time: 6:0:0 AM Departure Location: Scotch Plains Return Date: 1/25/2019 Return Time: 4:30:0 PM Return Location: Scotch Plains # of Days on Snow: 1 # of Seats Available: not trying to make money on the trip so if more show up I'm happy to charge less. No smoking in my car. I'm leaving from Scotch Plains NJ and will go 10 minutes out of the way to pick-up. I won't pick up or drop off in NYC, Hoboken or Jersey City. I love skiing the trees if they're open so it would be great to have a buddy who could handle them.

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