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All, welcome to the Shanghai Volleyball Meetup. This group is meant to help all of us get in touch and arrange volleyball games of all levels, from those with basic skills to advanced. Admins are the most dedicated members, they make sure we continue to have the most fun.

As our group has gotten larger, we've had to institute some rules for the group to ensure courtesy and access for as many people to play as possible. Please read these rules carefully.

(1) We currently play one to two sessions a week in Xintiandi, with additional sessions at Fuxing High School. If you become aware of additional locations and are willing to help arrange for sessions there, please do let us know.

(2) We typically announce games 4-10 days before they are scheduled. Games are limited to 18 or 21 players (3 teams of 6 or 7). Generally, attendance is determined by order of sign up with a few exceptions. Some games will be designated as Higher Level, playing set positions.

(3) If you sign up and the game is full, you will be added to the wait list. We will draw from the wait list in order of sign up as spaces open up (except as noted above for higher level games). It is very common for spaces to open up as we get close to the day of game, so please keep close watch to see if you make it on the play list. NOTE: Meetup isn't always reliable in sending notifications, so it is YOUR responsibility to check the Meetup page to see if you have been added.

(4) If you must cancel, please delete yourself immediately. Cancellation cut-off for XTD games is 24 hours before the scheduled game. For Fuxing games, cut-off is earlier, as posted in the Meetup. If you have a true emergency (i.e., sickness, injury, family problem, work crisis), please delete yourself and IMMEDIATELY email the organizer of the game and tell us the emergency. Those who cancel within the cut-off period for any reason will be deemed a NO-SHOW.

(5) If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session, or leave more than 15 minutes before a session ends, you will also be deemed a NO-SHOW.

(6) Only cancellations on the Meetup are official. Sending a message to the Wechat group asking someone to cancel you DOES NOT COUNT. The Organizers will sometimes handle such requests depending upon our convenience, but it is your obligation to delete yourself from the Meetup.

(7) Those on the waitlist are expected to be able to play if notified, except if they are notified after 10 pm for a next morning game, or within a three hour period before a daytime game. Therefore, if you are on the waitlist, remove yourself as soon as you know your plans have changed and you cannot play. If you wait until you get notified in order to cancel, you will also be considered a NO-SHOW.

If you cancel within the cut-off period or no-show for an emergency reason, and immediately notify the Organizer, you will be subject to a two week ban (two weeks' worth of games--if there are no games in one week, the ban will be extended another week). If the no-show is for a non-emergency reason, or you failed to notify the Organizer, that ban can be extended up to one month. Multiple violations will lengthen the time of ban. During that time period, you can still sign up, but you will not be considered for addition until the night before a game. If you no-show as a first timer, you will be deleted from the Meetup group.

Multiple violations of the policy may subject you to deletion from the Meetup group.

(8) The membership fee for the group is 10 RMB, to be paid at your first game. The new membership fee cycle begins September 1 for everyone, so if you joined in August, you'll pay for the current year, and then again in September.

(9) If you have any questions, please contact any of the Organizers. We're here to facilitate play and find opportunities for all to play.

Participation in our events, such as open gym, tournaments and leagues may involve in physical exertion which may result in injuries or poses health risk to any participant, and all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer and agreed to indemnify Shanghai Volleyball Event Organizers and administrators from any liabilities and claims that may arise out of his/her participation with SHVB events, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or death arising thereof.

Special Thanks to HKVB.org/Hong Kong Volleyball Meetup for the description and player rating chart.

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