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SILhouette: Superwomen Anonymous Meeting (Part 2)

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SILhouette (Spiritually In-tuned Lesbians) is a spiritual community of women who love women desiring to discover, embrace and live as their spiritual- authentic self

The purpose is to support women in the life in learning how to be in relationship with themselves, discovering & embracing their passions and living according to the guidance of their spirit/ intuition- such that they are living life creating the loving and joyful experiences that they desire!

The SILhouette woman, through active participation*, will learn spiritual practices and tools to support her in being in a loving, committed relationship with herself. As such, when she is in a loving, committed relationship with herself, everything about her exudes this love and personal commitment, hence the name...SILhouette... When your SILhouette exudes joy, peace, love, passion, just to name a few, then you attract to you people, places and experiences that exude the same!

If any of the following applies to you, this group is for you if:
*You are a lesbian, bi-sexual, queer or questioning woman desiring to grow spiritually
* You desire to discover, embrace and live as your authentic self
* You desire to be in balance in your spirituality, sexuality and sensuality
* You have a fear of being alone
* You desire to live following the spiritual/universal laws
* You are currently in a relationship and desire to maintain your autonomy while in relationship
* You are currently waiting on “the one” and desire to be prepared for a loving, co-committed relationship
*You have a challenge with remaining autonomous when in relationships, in other words, your partner becomes your world and you lose contact with your family, friends, etc.
*You are waiting for "the partner" to come before you will fully live your life
*You recently ended a relationship and lost yourself in that relationship
*You are co-dependent and/or attract to you co-dependent relationships and are ready to heal from codependency
*You have read this description and a part of you wants to cry or is triggered in some way (that is your spirit's way of notifying you, that this is for you)

**Attendance/Participation Policy **
SILhouette is a community. To support the energetic flow of this community, it is vital for those that join SILhouette to be active within the community in some way. For that reason, the following will warrant removal from SILhouette by the facilitator:

• Being a“NO SHOW” for three events. “NO SHOW” constitutes RSVP “YES” for an event, and not showing up. To avoid this, just change your RSVP status to “NO.”


• Failure to attend at least one (1) SILhouette meet-up in a nine-month period. (For example, you join SILhouette in January 2015; you must attend at least one (1) meet-up by October 31, 2015.)

* Please note: the tangible benefits you will receive from participation in this community are equal to how much you engage... much like exercising... if you work out 3-4 times a week, you are likely to release more weight than if you worked out once a week. So beloved, participate as you please... in the end, you showing up when you can is all that matters!!

***SILhouette is facilitated by Spiritual Life Coach Maq Ele' you may read Coach Maq's bio on her profile!!***

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