Programming semantics: practical applications of OTTR

SIRIUS Industrial Ontology Colloquium
SIRIUS Industrial Ontology Colloquium
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Institutt for informatikk

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalléen 23 B · Oslo

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Informatikksalen, 5th Floor in the "tower". Use entrance closest to Forskningsparken T-Bane + tram station.

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It's high time we give some more attention to the challenges of building infrastructure for semantics, so if you're a Colloquium regular, this is the time to bring a programmer colleague along.

Leif Harald Karlsen will present ongoing work on Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR). The talk will continue the discussion on OTTR, which has been presented in previous colloquium talks. This time the focus is on the practical aspects of using OTTR templates to build and use and maintain ontologies.

Particularly the following features will be presented:
• multiple input and output languages/serialisations for templates: wOTTR for RDF; stOTTR, which is a human readable and concise syntax; and tabOTTR which is a tabular syntax for template instances; and SPARQL queries generated from OTTR templates
• support for types to ensure consistent use of template variables across all instances in a template body.
• library analysis, such as detection of common patterns used in modeling of a domain that is not captured by any template in the library. This can be used to improve the template definitions resulting in a more concise template library that is easier to maintain and closer to the user's conceptualisation of the domain.

Information and papers on OTTR are available at :
OTTRs are OWL ontology macros capable of representing ontology design patterns and closely integrating their use into ontology engineering. A template is itself an RDF graph or an OWL ontology, annotated with a special purpose OWL vocabulary. This allows templates to be edited, debugged, published, identified, instantiated, composed, used as queries and bulk transformations, and maintained; all leveraging existing W3C standards, best practices and tools.

Leif Harald Karlsen is currently finishing his PhD thesis at the group for Logic and Intelligent Data at Ifi and is a member of the OTTR development team at UiO.

The meeting will be held in Informatikksalen at Ifi, UiO, in the building Ole Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalléen 23B. Meeting time is 09:15 to 11:00. We will serve coffee from 09:00.

The Informatikksalen is on the 5th floor of the tower block. Staircase D, at the East end of the building, nearest Forskingsparken T-bane station. You can ask for directions to the meeting rooms in the reception on the ground floor.