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*** San Jose Astronomical Association is monitoring closely the coronavirus, COVID-19, situation in Santa Clara county. In accordance with advisement from Santa Clara County Health Department we may be canceling some events in the next few weeks, as appropriate - especially those that involve close contact and shared surface on telescopes. Please check our Meetup to determine if an event has been canceled before heading out to the event. The board will periodically review the status of the outbreak and the guidance from the Santa Clara county to determine the impact upon upcoming events. ***

Welcome to SJ Astronomy Meetup. We are a very active group wth a lot of events organized by San Jose Astronomical Association. All events posted to this Meetup are open to the public but please note that joining this meetup does not automatically make you a member of SJAA. Becoming a formal member of SJAA provides additional members-only benefits, so we do encourage you to join. Please check out the membership benefits at https://www.sjaa.net/membership/benefits-of-membership-2/ to learn more and to join the club.

Also, please note that we need a profile picture for security reasons to join this group. Please consider uploading one before you send a request to join the group. Looking forward to share this cool hobby with you all!

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ONLINE: Astro 101: Sights of the Cosmos, Intro to Astronomy

This event provides a different introduction to astronomy than our Intro to the Night Sky talks. During this hour, you'll gain an appreciation for the size and scale of the cosmos and our place within it. You'll see many examples of the beautiful objects visible in the night sky, learn something about how we see them through our telescopes and what we can deduce about them through the light they send us. And then you can make your own prediction of whether we're alone in the universe. This talk is free of charge. Just come and enjoy the show. And because the coronavirus situation is still preventing us from meeting in person, this event will once again be an ON-LINE, STREAMING event. The talk will be presented by Wolf Witt. Wolf is not an actual astronomer, nor has he ever played one on TV. However, he's been interested in outer space since he was a kid and still thinks that the universe is an amazing place. He's been with SJAA for seven years, and now he'll share with you his enthusiasm and some of what he's learned about the cosmos. Maybe you'll think it's amazing, too. Many of SJAA’s events, like this one, are public and free to attend, but if you’re enjoying what SJAA has to offer, consider becoming a paid member for only $20 per year: https://www.sjaa.net/membership/benefits-of-membership-2/ (Photo: M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy as imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope.)

CANCELLED - In Town Star Party - 3Q

Houge Park

Details This event is cancelled due to Corvid19 shutdown. We moved our nighttime star parties into a virtual format until we can safely conduct outdoor events again. Keep a lookout for "Armchair Star Party" at www.sjaa.net events or in Meetup.

Astro Imaging Workshop -- ONLINE

Online event

Many of SJAA’s events, like this one, are public and free to attend, but if you’re enjoying what SJAA has to offer, consider becoming a paid member for only $20 per year: https://www.sjaa.net/membership/benefits-of-membership-2/ .................................................................................................................... Many things have changed in astrophotograpy since I started making videos 4 years ago. For me, that was a time of modified DSLRs, home brew camera cooling, and a software stack specifically for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. During this event I will first talk about all the changes and things I have learned along the way, talk a little about my current rig(s) and then go on to demonstrate deep space image acquisition with: Sequence Generator Pro PHD2 Stellarium EQMOD In the mean time, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKIrQdzoy9n-s1VYaFOLJA/videos I post my astro images here: https://www.astrobin.com/users/dts350z/ Cheers, Glenn

SJAA Imaging SIG Meeting - Telescope Collimation Using Artificial Intelligence

This Month's Online Imaging SIG Meeting Topic: Telescope Collimation Using Artificial Intelligence This month we're excited to have Dr. Gaston Baudat PhD of Innovations Foresight presenting on collimation of the telescope optical elements with a novel approach which uses artificial intelligence for doing wavefront sensing (WFS) without any specific hardware other than a focuser, an imaging camera, and a computer. Dr. Baudat will discuss the basics of optical aberrations, WFS, point spread functions (PSF), and optical element mis-alignment effects. Gaston was born in Switzerland near Lake Geneva. He received his engineering degree in electronic and computer science from the Swiss University for Applied Sciences at Yverdon-les-Bains. In 2006, Gaston received his PhD in computer science in the field of machine learning from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris). Gaston has been involved in opt-electronics and analog/digital sensor designs, as well as optical document sensing and pattern recognition, filing many patents, and publishing papers in scientific journals and conferences in advanced statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He eventually moved to the US becoming the senior research director for a U.S. corporation from which he retired in 2018. His passion for astronomy started many years ago while reading space magazines and books, as well as watching the first moon landing. In 1986 he went to Madagascar to take pictures of Halley’s Comet. One of them won a contest in the French science magazine "Science & Vie". Over time, his interest in astronomy, especially for astrophotography, has grown. He created and designed the on-axis guider technology (ONAG), an award-winning novel approach for auto-guiding. Gaston is a co-founder of Innovations Foresight (IF), a Pennsylvania-based company, for making innovative products, such as the ONAG, live focusing, full frame guiding technologies, or wavefront sensing using artificial intelligence, all either are patented or in a patent pending status. Gaston has given many lectures on astronomical topics on seeing theory, wavefront analysis, and optimal guiding and focusing. He is also a private pilot and accomplished diver. See Gaston’s webpage at http://www.innovationsforesight.com --- The Imaging SIG meets roughly every month (currently online) to discuss topics about imaging. The SIG is open to people with absolutely no experience but want to learn what it’s all about, but experienced imagers are also more than welcome, indeed, encouraged to participate.

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