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Welcome to SJ Astronomy Meetup. We are a very active group with a lot of events organized by San Jose Astronomical Association. All events posted to this Meetup are open to the public but please note that joining this meetup does not automatically make you a member of SJAA. Becoming a formal member of SJAA provides additional members-only benefits, so we do encourage you to join. Please check out the membership benefits at https://www.sjaa.net/membership/benefits-of-membership-2/ to learn more and to join the club.
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In Town Star Party (ITSP) ---> place holder only

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Come join San Jose Astronomical Association (SJAA) for an evening of stargazing.
Event details:
Events are held at the parking lot of our headquarters, Houge Park San Jose. Event duration is 2hrs. SJAA volunteers will share night sky views from their personal telescopes.
Please refrain from bringing your own telescopes (Binoculars are welcome). If you like to be a volunteer with or without a telescope please email at "[masked]".
SJAA as an all volunteer-nonprofit org depends on the City of San Jose for the use of facilities at Houge Park. To maintain this relationship we need to provide facility use data to the city. Therefore, we ask you to sign-in (no traceable personal data collected) when you arrive at the event.
ITSP album : https://photos.app.goo.gl/FWjbWagFoXkDnLfF8
Hope to see you at the event

SJAA Board Meeting

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This is the monthly business meeting of the SJAA Board of Directors. Please RSVP to receive the Google Meet link.

ONLINE: Astronomy Talk: Planet formation in disks around young stars

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We don't have the regular access to the clubhouse yet. But the night sky is still there, and there's still lots to learn. So we'll do this online.


Many of SJAA’s events, like this one, are public and free to attend, but if you’re enjoying what SJAA has to offer, consider becoming a paid member for only $20 per year: https://www.sjaa.net/membership/benefits-of-membership-2/

Come join us for our monthly Astronomy talk!

Topic: Planet formation in disks around young stars
Speaker: Dr. Uma Gorti

Stars form in a few million years, a very short span compared to their billion-year lifetimes. Their formation is initiated by the accumulation of gravitationally collapsing material into a flattened disk, which first forms the central object and then forms planetary systems before it gets dispersed. Disks are thus intriguing objects that potentially hold the answers to many outstanding questions on how stars and planets form. How does material accrete toward the center? How does mass in the disk move around? Where and when do planets form? What determines their composition? How do stars disperse their disks? What is the role of magnetic fields?

With the advent of new facilities such as the Atacama Large Millimeter Array and the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope,

capable of peering through the obscuring cloud material to observe disks, we are getting closer toward answering some of these crucial questions. I will summarize our present understanding of how disks mediate star and planet formation, and discuss how new discoveries are leading to rapidly shifting paradigms in the field.

Uma Gorti is a scientist at the SETI Institute. Her primary background is physics, with a Master's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore, India. She came to the US on a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at the NASA Ames Research Center, and has remained affiliated with NASA Ames while being employed at UC, Berkeley for a few years and then at the SETI Institute for nearly 10 years. Uma's earlier work was on the interstellar medium and star formation, and she moved fields around the launch of Spitzer in the mid-2000's to study planet-forming disks around stars. Her work involves constructing mathematical and numerical models of the disk environment using current theoretical knowhow, and making predictions for telescopic observations to compare with and to improve our understanding of how stars and planets form from these disks.

ONLINE: SJAA Imaging SIG Meeting -

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*************************** This is an online event *******************************

We don't yet have the use of the clubhouse due to COVID restrictions but the night sky is still there, and there's still lots to learn! We'll be doing our Imaging SIG meetings online until further notice.


This Month's Topic:


Please also bring along your recent images to share with the group after the main presentation!



The Imaging SIG meets roughly every month Online to discuss topics about imaging. The SIG is open to people with absolutely no experience but want to learn what it’s all about, but experienced imagers are also more than welcome, indeed, encouraged to participate.

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Star Party at the East Side Pinnacles

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