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This group is dedicated to the french language and culture. Anyone who is interested, whether you speak french or not, in the french culture is welcome! This meetup will promote french speaking to all those who are willing to learn.

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What if you would like to practice French at other times or locations?

This Meetup group was set up so that anyone can suggest a Meetup. If you have an hour and a location and you have some French ability and would like to practice, please feel free to suggest a Meetup. All you need is one more person to practice with. If you get two then it will turn from a suggested meetup into an official Meetup. If you only have a time you would like to practice at and are unsure of a location, it looks like you can still suggest that Meetup. It seems like the more fluid and free this is, the more we can find opportunities to practice. What do you think? Does this help you, us, to practice more?

Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Are there any group meetings for kids? Or any sort of French classes for kids?

Trying to find the best times for the most people
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

A brief update on meetings for SLC French Language: I've been looking at availabilities at Murray Public Library for the near future. For some reason, our usual meeting time and place, 6:30 - 8:15, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Room 3, are booked at least through the middle of April. The auditorium also is booked at those times. The other smaller rooms with a capacity of 6, aside from possibly being crowded if more attend, have no facilities for computer / tv screen connection, so that rules out the kinds of things I like to engage in our meetings. I'm very much interested in continuing these meetings and will keep looking for openings / cancellations at Murray. Other libraries in the area may be possibilities, but it seems Murray suited quite a few folks. Please drop me a note through Meetup with any suggestions you may have. Bien amicalement, Stéphanus

Have conversation with others who want to practice French

We announced a meeting for Monday, May 29, but I just realized this is Memorial Day. Folks will probably have plans, as I myself do. Sorry for the mistake. The library will not even be open that day, but oddly the form for reserving rooms confirmed my original request for that date. So I'm looking for the soonest possible time for our French Conversation in Murray group to get together again. Stay tuned and I'll send an announcement as soon as I can. As usual in our meetings, we will want to spend time speaking French together. There should be opportunities for beginners to start learning some basic situational vocabulary. There will also be time for a little grammar practice and a short film in French.

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French conversation, short film, a little grammar

Murray Library

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