What we're about

We are a community of storytellers. We spin words into worlds and forge complex visions from simple written words. We craft narratives that guide others on journeys through imagination and emotion. We are the SLC Writer’s Block.

There are other writing groups in the city, why start this one?

We were looking for a more engaging knowledge sharing experience. Where many other groups give feedback on your writing, we wanted to have explorative discussions about the “how” of writing. We wanted to share not only what we write, but how we write it. Each writer has acquired a wealth of knowledge around the writing process and has formed their own rituals, toolsets, and patterns. We think there is much to be gained from exploring and sharing that wisdom with each other.

While our core focus will be on creative writing, we will have some events that will focus on other writing disciplines like copywriting.

Our format is simple.

10 minutes of introductions.
50 minutes of group discussion on the selected topic.
1 hour of focused writing on your project(s).

Those that wish to stay longer are more than welcome to.

Each week we’ll cover a new topic in our open discussion. Topics will include world-building, writing tools, writing rituals, character development, writing for profit, and many others.

We hope to have you join us and share in the community that we’re building.