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Learn how to create passive cash flow or retirement income as a private partner in real estate deals.

You want to add real estate to your investment portfolio, but you don’t know how to do it without the late-night infomercial guru promising you a private jet with almost no effort. You don’t want a part-time job in real estate: you already have a career.

Meet with likeminded investors to learn a variety of ways to diversify your investing portfolio into real estate without becoming an active real estate investor. We bring in expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds each month about investing in real estate passively using retirement and non-retirement accounts such as self-directed IRA (SDIRA), solo 401(k), Roth, HELOC, life insurance, and more. There are no fees, memberships, dues, paid mentorships, programs to buy, and no "selling from the stage," just investors coming together to learn and teach how to vet and passively invest in real estate with confidence.

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