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Good news! I had started an AWS meetup group at the same time my friend Darren was looking to start one. After a short chat, it was easy to see it better to combine our efforts.
Please head over to (and join) the "San Luis Obispo AWS Users Group" https://www.meetup.com/San-Luis-Obispo-AWS-Users-Group
There is already a meeting on the calendar for Thursday, May 3, 2018.
- Fun with AWS Rekognition - Deep Learning Based Image Recognition

The SLO AWS Meetup is for anyone looking to learn Amazon Web Services or for those already in the know that wants to learn more and meet others with a professional focus and skill set involving AWS.

Our meetups occur every Wednesday evening from 6PM to 8PM at a venue in SLO

We offer 2 free courses each running 4 weeks.

The 1st being for beginners and the 2nd for intermediate and advanced.

We also try to meet every Friday at lunch for an informal IT Geek, Meet and Eat at a local restaurant or pub.

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