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There are four GREAT movie theaters in town and I go to every single movie that comes out here -- so obviously I'm alone alot :-) -- which is totally cool, too -- but now I found this whole MeetUp world, so I figured I'd just invite you all along! Down the road I'd like to have pre-release films screen in SLO with cast/crew discussion, Q and A and such, like I had back on the east coast. SOOO FUN!!! Join me!

From Anthony

New organizer and looking forward to seeing all of you at the Meetups. I am a fan of both old and new films and will schedule of blend of both accordingly as Centre 7 and Palm Theater show classics from time to time.

We do have an active attendance policy starting July 13 2018. Outside of family or personal reasons if a member cannot attend at least one meetup (one event out of a minimum scheduled 12 plus notified minimum 3 days in advance) or a one year period whichever is LATER he or she will be deleted from the Meetup. Non movie events such as a dinner or concert will not count toward attendance policy. I understand how busy everyone is it takes a lot of effort to schedule a Meetup and we wish to minimize the number of no shows. Please try to attend a meetup at least once every year assuming a minimum 12 events scheduled during the year. Members who are inactive will be contacted to encourage them to attend a Meetup before their membership is deleted.

Also please if for some reason you cannot make an event cancel a minimum half hour preferably one hour before the event. A lot of time and thought are put into these events. If you no show three times you will be banned from the meetup.

Again thank you for being a member and look forward to seeing you all enjoy the movie experience. I will try to schedule at least 1 movie a month and venues will be from anywhere from Santa Maria to Atascadero

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