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Central Coast Movie Venues from Santa Ynez to Atascadero. I am a fan of both old and new films and will schedule of blend of both accordingly
We do have an active attendance policy starting July 13 2018. Outside of family or personal reasons if a member cannot attend at least one meetup (one event out of a minimum scheduled 12 plus notified minimum 3 days in advance) or a one year period whichever is LATER he or she will be deleted from the Meetup. Non movie events such as a dinner or concert will not count toward attendance policy. I understand how busy everyone is it takes a lot of effort to schedule a Meetup and we wish to minimize the number of no shows. Please try to attend a meetup at least once every year assuming a minimum 12 events scheduled during the year. Members who are inactive will be contacted to encourage them to attend a Meetup before their membership is deleted.

Also please if for some reason you cannot make an event cancel a minimum half hour preferably one hour before the event. A lot of time and thought are put into these events. If you no show three times you will be banned from the meetup.

Again thank you for being a member and look forward to seeing you all enjoy the movie experience. I will try to schedule at least 1 movie a month and venues will be from anywhere from Santa Maria to Atascadero

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Drive in movie under the stars. My Spy and National Lampoon’s Vacation

All movie theaters are shut down but SLO Drive In showing a couple of classics

My Spy and National Lampoon’s Vacation

We can meet at 8:10 at the snack bar. I will be wearing a blue shirt

Make sure to bring CASH ONLY. They don’t take credit card. Cost is $10 per adult

Masks are required in the snack bar and restrooms. Observe social distancing

A double feature of a couple of oldies. I saw ‘Vacation’ a number of times but never get tired of it. My Spy looks like an entertaining movie for all ages plus nice to get out from 4 walls

Hope to see you there


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Spencer postponed to tomorrow 3 pm

Regal Edwards Santa Maria & RPX

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