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ALMOST ALL SMART Recovery MEETINGS ARE NOW ONLINE. Check at smartrecovery.org/meetings and enter your zipcode

There have been over 36,000 SMART Recovery Self-Help Group meetings in Massachusetts since 1990. All groups are lead by volunteers, most of whom are graduates of the SR Program. SR meetings occur weekly in hospitals (e.g., MGH, McLean, Mount Auburn, Salem, Jordan, Lahey Clinic, etc.), a few in community facilities (e.g., Middlesex Community College) and several in prisons. The SMART Recovery Handbook has be translated into 11 languages (e.g., Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, etc.). There are SR meetings on 6 continents. SMART Recovery is an abstinence-based, self-empowerment program. The SR 4-Point Program(TM) is based on Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and several other scientifically-valid approaches to helping people overcome serious addiction problem with substances or behaviors. SR helps people deal with the realities of everyday life and learn to substitute rational decision-making for destructive thinking. All of our meetings are open and free. The hat is passed to support the organization. The SR website, smartrecovery.org, has over 130,000 registrants and registers 1400 new participants per month from around the world. The worldwide meeting list is accessible at smartrecovery.org The MA meeting list is available at smartne.org We do not expect or encourage life-long attendance. SR expects participants to overcome their addictions and move on to a decent, normal life without destructive substance or behavioral abuse. Millions have accomplished this goal...many on their own. Meetings will soon be added in Quincy and Gloucester as well as the Worcester Recovery Hospital.

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