What we're about

Our mission 使命

Hong Kong has 340,000+ SMEs & Startups, we are here to make an IMPACT by providing effective tools and useful information across different industries.
OUR mission is simple: Together Everyone Achieves More

透過提供 跨行業的 有效工具 及 有用信息 為 香港 340,000多家中小型企業 及 初創企業服務。
我們的使命很簡單: 共同 一起 成就 更多

The Speakers 講者

Every forum, we will invite one to two experts on their field to lead our forum and provide solutions or information on hot topics in the market.

The topics will be run in rotation in Cantonese and English. Speakers can suggest topics and we could run them. Contact me (https://www.linkedin.com/in/btaodoo/) if you wish to share your expertise on our forthcoming forums.

同一話題可以粵語和英語分次進行。 講者可以建議題目,我們可以主持主題。如果你想在我們未來的論壇分享您的經驗,請與我們聯繫 (https://www.linkedin.com/in/btaodoo/)。

The Guests 來賓

This forum is designed for business owners and leaders interested in learning the latest digital marketing trends and networking with like-minded professionals.

We would keep this forum small and informative, we are limiting attendance to a maximum of 50 participants.

此論壇是為 有興趣了解 最新營商趨勢的專業人士而設計。同時亦希望進一步聯繫志趣相投的企業家及領袖。
為了促進 講者 與 來賓之間的信息交流,我們將論壇人數限制為50人之內。

Structured Forum 預設議程

Each Forum is structured in a set agenda in order to maximise the effectiveness of both speakers & guest. The duration of the Forum is kept within 2 hours.

• Registration
• Open networking
• Introduction of Topic
• An Elevator pitch of 60 seconds for Speakers & Guests
• Live Polling on the Topic’s Issues
• Speaker explore based on the polling
• Q&A
• Close of forum


• 註冊
• 社交時間
• 題目介紹
• 講者及來賓 - 60秒自我介紹
• 實時投票
• 講者探討
• 問答環節
• 論壇結束

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