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As a new step-mom (so new it even seems weird to say out loud), I honestly had no idea how seriously challenging this new role of mine would be. I am constantly finding myself in situations where I have no idea what to do, think or say. I doubt my own intuitions, I think I have a solutions to something that ends up going completely opposite than I had planned. It is as a constant struggle to hang tightly to my desire of honoring my own thoughts and desires and lifestyle but I do not want to step on any toes, or disrupt an existing relationship between the ones.

In seeking advice and connections from people who understand and are in the same situation, I was disappointed to find that there was not much support around, and I know I'm not the only one experiencing these overwhelming emotions that I have no idea what to do with. I needed a "solution".

So here it is: SMS: Step-Mom-Solutions!! It is my desire for this group to connect step-moms together to have a protected forum to speak openly about their experiences, challenges, struggles, concerns, questions and find solutions to move forward in a way that is healthy and loving for all.

I'm inviting step-moms, or as I like to call Bonus Moms, new and experienced, to join and offer up their perspectives, thoughts, solutions to this important role that you possess.

Now is the time to join me! …in finding solutions to the challenges we as step-moms face every day! Together lets create a safe and non-judgmental space and community to connect, speak our minds without judgement and share the honest truths (good and bad) about being a step-mom.

Choose YOU, and give yourself permission to step away, to set down responsibility and conflicts and help one another find healthy solutions! Allow yourself to be the best you can be for your family. Being a Bonus Mom is a forever job and we signed up! Let's come together in support of one another and celebrate all we have to offer!

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