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Bokeh Wonderland - Playing with circles of confusion

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Price: $25.00 /per person
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Map to goat Farm -

With winter and the holiday season in, Christmas lights are up everywhere. It's time to take advantage of that and do some amazing portraiture concentrating on getting amazingly blurry depth of field (Bokeh) and crazy circles of confusion!

This fun shoot takes models and puts a bunch of Christmas lights around them in the background, the foreground and more. The results? Some crazy lighting that's pretty much summed up in an old classic Sci Fi line "Oh my god, it's full of stars!".

What is Bokeh?
Bokeh derives from the Japanese language and roughly translates to "Blur". Bokeh is the quality of the background blur caused by the lens, and a lens with good Bokeh creates smooth and pleasant renditions of out of focus elements.

What's Circles of Confusion (CC)?
Circles of Confusion quickly translated is when a camera lens has a hard time rendering a point of light, when your lens is wide open the light isn't focused into a beam and because of that gets render as large balls of light.

We supply : The models, the location, the lighting, and more

You Bring : Your camera, you, memory cards, lenses, and drinks

Lens recommendation : We HIGHLY suggest bringing a lens capable of 1.2~2.0 aperture. If you do not have access to one we can see what we can do for you. will be providing free lenses for Attendee's to use for this event, there will be a selection of Canon and Nikon primes starting at 1.2 for people to try out. For the maximum Bokeh Experience.

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