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Are you a S.O.A.P. (single, outdoorsy, adventurous parent)? If so, please join us!

We all know that being a single parent has its challenges. It’s tough, yes. Can you still enjoy all the outdoorsy, adventurous activities you (and your kids) love to do? Of course! However, it may be tough to find other like-minded individuals (and kids) that enjoy the same, right? There are men and women out there that are single parents with kind hearts but if they don’t enjoy the adventure activities you like, it makes it a little bit harder. Now, you have this group!!!

What are some activities this group might do with and without kids?

Whitewater rafting
Rock climbing
Running a race/Mud Run/Foam Run, etc.

More low key...
Out for dinner and drinks
Out to the movies - love drive-in theaters?

What else would YOU like to do?

Piqued your interest? Excellent. Read on.

Who are we/who will we become as this is a grassroots effort as of February 2019? How do you know if you are the right fit for this group? Great questions… Here are the qualities of the S.O.A.P. we are looking for:

*Loves to be OUTDOORS
*Loves ADVENTURE, trying new things and challenging themselves. Hate heights? Try rock climbing. Hate enclosed spaces? Try caving. Never camped in a tent? We’ll have opportunities for you.
*Loves to TRAVEL even you don’t get a chance to… Maybe this group can help with that.
*Has KIDS - younger, older, lives with them, doesn’t live with them - doesn’t matter!
*Willing to meet, accept and interact with NEW PEOPLE. Could it lead to a “date” or more? Sure. But if not, that’s fine too! We’ll have a chance to meet some really amazing people and go on adventures with and without the kids!
*Knows the benefits of being HEALTHY (physically and mentally) as it has an effect on your attitude, behaviors and well-being. We’re not saying you have to be in the gym everyday or at all. Just saying that you need to take care of yourself. Are you a heavy drinker? No thanks. Are you a smoker? No thanks. Trying to quit, please join us.
*Is a TEAM PLAYER. One person can’t do everything, especially when they work, take care of a house and have children. Thus, everyone that joins, if it’s a good fit for you, we ask that you take an active role in the group. What does this look like?
*Plan and host one activity every other month.
*Recruit amazing SOAPs to join this group - men and women
*Participate in discussions. Create them, moderate them, participate.

So, what’s next? If you think this might be a great group for you,
*Request to join the group.
*Add at least 3 photos so we can see what you look like.
*Provide details so we can get an idea about who you are.

Additional information:

We ask that you pay a minimal monthly fee. Why? Because it:
*Requires you to be more “dedicated” even though the expense is minimal.
*Will pay for the Meetup group fee, any other group expenses
*Go toward something that benefits the whole group. Like what? I’m not sure yet - possibly a night out, marketing materials, reserving a banquet room, etc. Ideas?

BE A RISK-TAKER - Help me get this group going as it will be truly amazing for us!

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