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This group is for the mature ladies that are looking to SOAR to new heights. Ladies if you are looking for direction, maybe just need motivation or inspiration then this is the group for you.

This group is to help fellow women, who are like me. Ambitious, driven, maybe lost their way a bit. Women looking for a purpose. Women who are interested in being in charge of their own economy and destiny, women who love to travel or have wanted to travel.

We has women should be each others back bone as we have strength in numbers. We already face many adversities and it’s a known fact we put our dreams aside for our families and forsake what we want.

I live between Florida and the UK and want to meet some amazing women in this city. I know it can be very hard to meet like minded people here. There are many a times I'd like to go out somewhere, but not necessarily on my own.

I will be holding workshops teaching ways for you to take charge of your economy by showing you how to leverage the internet. I also want this to be a fun group that we can also socialise to help alleviate the stresses of everyday life from time to time.

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